Where There Is a Will, There Will Always Be a Way

January 9, 2019

Professionally I started out as an Engineer but I was passionate about becoming a singer. I was juggling a demanding full-time job and motherhood but always made time for every singing opportunity that came up in the UAE. In 1995, my husband and I participated in a famous Indian TV show called 'Antakshari' and we were the winners in the Gulf. I am Shobana Chandramohan.

Winning the show catapulted me into the world of singing. I was given the opportunity to participate in another singing talent show called 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa', which was a rage in India. I was working full-time during the week and my weekends were spent hosting Antakshari, performing with bands across clubs and communities in the UAE. One thing led to the other and I found myself hosting a live talk show for a leading Pakistani channel. I guess I might have been the only Indian to have hosted a live talk show which was a huge hit in Pakistan for 7 years! While I was dabbling with every opportunity that came my way I was itching for bigger and better breaks.

Out of the blue, I was asked to marry my emceeing skills along with my singing abilities for an international event hosted by one of India's leading conglomerates. This event set the pace for my career as an emcee and singer rolled into one. I always knew I wanted to be a singer but various experiences led me to polish the gift of the gab and become an emcee.

As of today, there is no one I know in the UAE, who hosts a show and delivers musical performances live onstage. My skillset is my USP. People reach out to me for destination weddings, corporate events and high profile parties across the globe, purely through word-of-mouth references. I truly believe that if you stay true to yourself, stay true to your passions and do not flinch from hard work, what you seek will definitely find you.

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