The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Indeed Rules The World

February 12, 2019

Since the day I became a mother, my daughter has been at the heart of every decision I take. I decided to walk out of a toxic marriage to ensure my 3.5 year old daughter Nikitha grew up surrounded by love. Early on in life, my little girl grew up faster than most kids her age. I had to send her to Kerala to live with my parents while I searched for a job to in the capital city of Kerala. Those were some of the darkest moments of my life but I drew my strength from my daughter. I am Namitha, a single mother working in the UAE.

A few years back, I went into work and lost my well-paying job in a jiffy. Being jobless in a foreign country, as a single mother can be one's worst nightmare. When I came home and told my daughter that we would have to move back to India as I had lost my job, she hugged me tight and said, "Its ok Maa. We will live through this." No tantrums and no drama for this teenager.

No matter what life throws her way she has always held her own. Nikitha epitomizes fortitude and poise even in the most difficult times. When she was only 8 years old, she suddenly fell ill on the day of her birthday. The doctor said a liver transplant would be required. In most cases it is the father's liver that is a perfect match, but doctors said my liver was a perfect match for Nikitha. My little brave heart was admitted in hospital for two months and we underwent the liver transplant together. Through it all she was the stronger one between the two of us.

In the last 16 years we have been through lot of ups and downs but have always had each other to fall back on. Together we love to shop, travel, cook and bake. Weekends are designated movie nights at our place. We call in for some pizza, she selects a movie and we kick-start our weekends. More than mother and daughter we are best friends and soul sisters.

Love thrives beyond borders. Love is not colored by race or ethnicity. Love is not limited to romance. #XMStories brings to you #XMStoriesofLove to celebrate ordinary people and their extraordinary stories of love.

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