Choosing unwavering faith over fate, a daughter steers through life helping her father battle cancer

August 1, 2019

In May 2015 my father was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 prostate cancer. Even though his disease was not terminal at the time of diagnosis, there was no escaping the finality of the fact that in cancer prognosis there is no mention of Stage 5. As his only daughter and his best friend for life, I asked him, "if god granted you one wish what would you ask for?" My father replied, "I would love to meet my grandchild and hold that child once before I breathe my last."

At the time I was living abroad with my husband and was bound by an employment contract that I had to honour till April 2016. While I truly wanted to fulfil my father's wish, fully knowing that it might be his last wish, I was shackled by my limitations and paranoid about the aggressive spread of his disease. As a desperate measure to fulfil my father's wish I turned to the only superpower I believed in - The Universe.

I had voraciously read about theories on the law of attraction and its scientific link with quantum physics. I stood at a crossroad in life where my father's fate was entwined with his advanced cancer. While I knew he had a slim chance of survival, I decided to put the law of attraction theories into practice and went full throttle with faith.

"Faith moves mountains" - The Bible

Over the years my only touchstone for life is 'Thoughts become things'. I ASKED the Universe to prolong my father's life. I BELIEVED with every fibre in my being that he would live long enough to be a grandfather who enjoyed every moment he spent with his grandchild. However I did not stop at only asking and believing. Every single day I wrote into existence 10 positive things about my father's healing body. Through visualisation techniques, I imagined my father's head full of hair. I would affirm for his good health and exquisite quality of life every day in my gratitude journal. It was not enough that he was merely alive, it was important to me, that my father live a quality life, for whatever little time he had on this earth. And I was stubborn enough to believe that my thoughts were powerful enough to create miracles.

Miracle 1 - through 15 chemotherapy sessions my father did not lose a single strand of hair - a rarity in the world of deadly chemotherapies. He never once experienced nausea or picked up infections when we visited crowded temples. While the naysayers may say it was sheer coincidence that he did not have the symptoms generally associated with chemotherapy. I fully believe this was possible because I ASKED for his good health, BELIEVED that cancer or chemotherapy would not snatch away his quality of life and well, RECEIVED everything I asked for over and over again!

Since May 2015, I imagined and played out in my mind the moment when my father would meet my child. I held on to this thought, gave gratitude for this moment even before I had lived it in reality because as per the laws of the Universe - If you can see it in your mind, it is only a matter of time and space before you live it out in your real life. My innate belief in the cosmic powers of the universe led to the miraculous moment when my father held his first grandchild in August 2016. I had only prayed, hoped and asked the universe to give my father one chance to meet his grandchild. The universe and its abundance amazed me as my father and my child shared precious moments like going on long walks, travelling to a new place together and listening to the waves crashing at the beach. The moment my father held my child's hand and sliced through his first birthday cake is a moment that is etched in my memory. I clearly remember witnessing this moment and thinking to myself how the universe had my back and how each of my dreams were manifested in magical and miraculous ways.

There is no logic or scientific data to prove the power of thoughts and their manifestation into things. But speaking for myself I know that when medical reports were not in his favour, when chemotherapy sessions were failing and when medical science gave me multiple reasons to give up on my faith, I persisted beyond logic, without paying heed to the naysayers, with my visualisation and my unwavering belief in the power of gratitude and the fact that 'thoughts create things'.

My father eventually lost his battle to cancer, 3 months after my son's 1st birthday. Even in death he taught me to keep faith afloat and believe everything else will be taken care of because, no matter what, the show must go on.

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