Security Personnel To Personal Fitness Trainer - Fitness Fuels Dreams

October 18, 2018

I am Joshua Mbaga. As a student of Health & Fitness from the Kenyatta University I always aimed to become a fitness trainer and seek new horizons in the global fitness industry. Fitness is not just a career; it has been a way of life from my early 20's. When I was in college studying Health & Fitness, I would take up part time jobs in plush hotels for hands-on experience as a fitness trainer. During one such summer job at the opulent 'Serena' in Kenya, I had the privilege to train Ex UN Secretary General - Mr Kofi Annan. After completing college, I took up a full time opportunity at the prestigious Cricket Club of Nairobi as a Fitness Manager. The onus of re-hauling the fitness department of the club was on me. While it was an exciting opportunity, I had to look into every aspect of the club - right from the working conditions of the machines to our growing clientele. I soon realised that the passion I felt towards fitness would not find resonance in Kenya. I needed to pursue my passion on a global level and that is when I chose to move to the UAE to work in Dubai.

Research reveals that for every 20 restaurants in the UAE, there is only 1 fitness centre. The UAE market was witnessing a boom in fitness centres across the emirates. Business was big as the spotlight was on health and fitness. I came to the UAE to pursue my dream of becoming a fitness trainer. However this was easier said than done. The transition from Kenya to the UAE was not a cake walk. My first job in the UAE was as a Security Personnel in the Dubai Airport. My salary was meagre but the fire in my belly was blazing. Despite my full time job in Security, I focused my energy on training myself regularly at nearby gymnasiums. I relentlessly worked hard towards clearing each and every certification in the UAE so that I could become a full time Fitness Trainer.

Eventually lady luck smiled on me. I was offered the position of a Fitness Trainer by a successful entrepreneur who noticed me while I was walking down a street in Deira - Dubai! I grabbed the opportunity and started living the life of my dreams. Every single time my clients achieved their fitness goals, I felt a deep sense of accomplishment in being a part of their transformative journey. The reason I love fitness is because it is rewarding - for both the trainee and the trainer. It has been seven years since I first landed in Dubai. Today my passion and my profession are the same. I am a fitness trainer at a prestigious club located in an upscale community in Dubai. My day begins and ends with being a personal fitness trainer to leading entrepreneurs, corporate honchos and government officers. My training module comprises a gamut of fitness regimes including but not limited to weight loss training, core training and teaching young kids kick-boxing.

I strongly believe the UAE is an epitome of magnanimity. The cosmopolitan vibe prevalent across the emirates makes it a haven for expats. My professional achievements in the UAE have made it possible for me to give back generously to my people in Kenya through international money transfer. My savings are a substantial amount in Kenya currency and helped me build 3 palatial houses in Kenya - for myself, for my mother and for my brother. Further as a father I have ensured that my 4 year old daughter studies in one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Kenya. As a provider for my family, I am able to give them the best only because the City of Gold helped me transform my life from a Security Personnel to a Personal Fitness Trainer. I must confess every single month I send money to Kenya. When I go back to Kenya during my vacations, the first place I visit is my bank. The bank officials serve coffee and give me preferential treatment every time I go. That is when I realise that I am a rich man in my home country".

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