Deejay Wasswa: Music Is Life And Prayer Is Power

November 9, 2018

Born to an expatriate mother who ran an African restaurant in the UAE and a father who resided in the UK, I lived in Uganda surrounded by my grandparents, siblings, and friends. My life was about schooling and partying with friends while I pursued my education in IT till the second year of university.

During my second year of university, my mother gifted me a trip to Dubai as my birthday gift. I fell in love with the vibe of the UAE and decided that I will not go back home to Uganda. Thus, Life had other plans for me and I could not complete university.

Dubai was where I was destined to be and Deejaying was my true calling in life. I am Deejay Wasswa - an emphatic believer in the healing power of prayer and music.

My foray into the world of deejaying in the UAE was not a cakewalk. Without a university degree and trusting only my gut instinct, I sought opportunities to make a mark in Dubai. My mother was not in favour of me discontinuing my education, but I convinced her to let me follow my dreams. I started by playing music in my mother's restaurant. This was the stepping stone into my career of playing at DJ events in Dubai. Eventually, I landed my first official job as a nightclub DJ at a club called Submarine in Dhow Palace. The high point of my career was when I was invited to play as a warm-up DJ at a music show, after I played my set of music the crowd went hysterical and wanted me to finish the show. The crowd's response was a defining moment in my career as I knew that my love for music had found its home in my profession as a nightclub DJ. Today my mother calls me a "champion" and is my biggest cheerleader!

I found my footing as a DJ playing in various clubs across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Uganda. I am also trying to spread my wings in entrepreneurial ventures under the name 'Swelo Entertainment'. I also host East African artists in UAE and deejay at African nights out in Dubai.. I have worked with big names within the East African music industry like - Bobi Wine, Radio and Weasel, Jose Chameleone, RedSan, DJ Shiru, amongst others. One of my distinct accomplishments within the African music industry would be successfully hosting Dr. Jose Chameleone in the UAE in a show attended by more than 600 people.

It was my overwhelming love for music and partying that led me to become a DJ and eventually an entrepreneur. However, it is my mother's unwavering faith that leads me in my everyday life. It is her belief in the power of prayer that has been my guiding light whenever I have faced challenges - be it professional or personal. My trips to remote villages in Uganda to help the elderly unprivileged, my music and my prayers help me stay true to my roots even though I aim for the stars.

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