The Man Behind Money Transfers

October 17, 2018

I am Daniel Kimotho Munene. I moved from Kenya to the UAE with my wife, in search of better job opportunities.

I work as a Cashier in a leading exchange house. When I started working, I was unable to process sufficient transactions as not many people would come to my counter to send money. However things have changed now. Even if I put the CLOSED board on my counter, African expats refuse to budge to another counter. The funniest part is that if they bump into me, say in a supermarket while I'm buying groceries or eating at a restaurant or jogging in the park, the first question African expats ask me is - "Dan, what is the exchange rate today? Is it a good day to send money home?" And I am always prepared to give them an answer. They trust me because I am one of them and I remind them of home.

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