Best Friends Whose Love Transcended Beyond Borders

February 13, 2019

Abhishek and I studied in the same school since the beginning but we started speaking to each other only in Grade 9. In 2006 a group of us from school went to watch a movie and that was the first time he spoke to me. After our movie outing Abhishek and I were incessantly chatting with each other on MSN and Facebook every day. We became really good friends and spoke about school, friends, our dreams and everything else in between.

Eventually I moved to Canada to complete Grade 11 and 12 while Abhishek moved out from the UAE to attend college in India. Despite the erratic time zones and the geographical distance, I noticed he made it a point to keep in touch with me. It was sometime around 2011 when he surprised me in the UAE, while on a break from college. It was the first time since school that we spent the whole day together, just the two of us. By this time, we were the best of friends however on that day I did think to myself "Maybe I am more than just his best friend".

After completing college he started working in the UAE. We often met each other after work and spent time talking about our future; our goals etc. Eventually he asked me out and we went on our first official date on December 25th 2013. Three months later on Valentine's 2014 he proposed with a promise ring. For me, that sealed the deal and we moved from "being best friends" to officially "being in love".

I am Suhasini Shivalingam, a Sri Lankan expat living in the UAE while Abhishek is from India. We are two people with radically different personalities, we belong to different countries and both our families speak different languages. With very little in common but absolutely convinced about our rock-solid friendship and love for each other we decided to get married. Convincing both our families was not a cakewalk. No one in his entire family had ever married someone from another country! While my family was worried how I would fit in with their culture and customs. Since we had made up our minds there was no looking back.

I had never in my wildest dreams thought I would be married to my best friend from school. But love is love and it always finds a way. What took me by surprise was the fact that after knowing him for almost 13 years I didn't think there was anything I did not know about my to-be-husband. I couldn't have been more wrong! Each day there is something new to discover about my best friend turned boyfriend turned husband. But I must say this, the man I married is way more caring, financially responsible and indulgent than the boyfriend I knew.

Love thrives beyond borders. Love is not colored by race or ethnicity. Love is not limited to romance. #XMStories brings to you #XMStoriesofLove to celebrate ordinary people and their extraordinary stories of love.

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