Beating The Odds - One Dream At a Time

January 3, 2019

No matter what struggles came my way, music was my solace and my refuge. Someday I dreamt of becoming a singer but life had other plans. In my 20's, I was paralysed and doctors said I would never walk. I paid no heed to what medical science had to say and decided that I would do whatever it takes to walk again so that my children were not left in the lurch. In a cruel twist of fate, the day I walked for the first time since I was paralysed, my husband met with an accident that put him in a state of coma for 5 days. When he regained consciousness, his mental faculties were affected and he has never gone back to work.

In 2013, I came to the UAE as our savings were drying up and I had 4 children to educate. I worked long hours to ensure all my children attended college, my husband was cared for and our debts were being cleared. After two years of working in the UAE, I was waiting with bated breath to go back to my children and have fun during my first annual vacation. 6 days into my annual vacation, I was informed that I had throat cancer. I was told a surgery could end up in me losing my voice. Shrouded in numbness, I flew back to the UAE that night as we still had a lot of debt to repay and I did not want my children to be under financial duress, if anything were to happen to me. Divine providence intervened and I had a successful surgery and chemotherapy, which enabled me to get back to work in the UAE. I feel blessed to be alive and this time around I am working towards my dream of becoming a singer. Besides my fulltime job, I participate in as many singing competitions or reality shows in the UAE. Life is too short to give up on your big dreams and who knows, my dream-come-true moment might be just around the corner?

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