The story of a Romanian expat's love affair with the city of London

May 17, 2019

Way back in 2006 I left behind the snow-capped mountains and medieval towns of Romania for the bustling breath-taking city of London. I am Sanda Gavris, a Romanian by birth and a Londoner at heart.

In 2007, I was all of 18 when I came to London with a one-way ticket and without a well thought out plan. Although I was naïve and a novice I knew that if I was willing to work hard, this beautiful city would help me find my feet.

From the moment I stepped foot in London, I welcomed any opportunity that helped me build a life. I truly believed that a winning attitude would expand my horizon in a city that offered boundless opportunities. I did not have a college education nor did I possess any professional experience so my first job in London was to clean houses.  Soon one opportunity led to another and I progressed from cleaning houses to cleaning fancy hotel rooms in the heart of London. I realized that my hard work had paid off when my passion for the hospitality industry and my professionalism opened new doors for me. Within 2 months of working as a Room Attendant, I was offered the Supervisor's position and in no time I went on to become the Coordinator of the hotel. Through my work in the hospitality industry I realized that I was a people's person and I loved being surrounded by the beauty of plush hotels.

Over the last 12 years I have worked in some of the best hotels across London. My uninhibited passion for people and my profession have opened avenues for me to coach almost 200 employees at work. Today I am the Cluster Manager of 2 leading hotels based in Central London. Over the years, I have learnt that you can achieve anything you want if you follow it up with perseverance and determination.

If it was not for London, this naïve Romanian school girl would have never transformed into a woman who chases her dreams with an unflinching determination. If it was not for London, my high school education could have been a hindrance to my professional growth. If it was not for London, Sanda Gavris may not have been half the woman that she is today.

When I landed in this city as a small town girl with no university education and flawed spoken English, I was positive that the sceptics I meet would outnumber the supporters. Thankfully, I was proven wrong! People believed in me and gave me a chance even when I doubted my capabilities. For the trust they placed in me, for the opportunities that came my way and for the life I built from scratch, I live in eternal gratitude.

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