When Love For Singing, Supersedes One's Struggle

December 5, 2018

In my hometown Bihar, I was an aspiring singer who performed at small social gatherings, gigs and shows. Despite making some money through singing, I found myself at crossroads when it came to meeting my family's expenses. I decided to migrate to Oman and sacrifice my dream of becoming a singer to ensure my family was well provided for. I started working as a Mason and Security Officer in Oman. I had made my peace with the fact that I would always remain just another voice in a familiar crowd.

However my dreams were not destined to fade into oblivion. From being a nondescript voice performing in my village to winning Xpress Money's "Dil ki Awaaz" contest changed my life forever. The prize money I won on that day was equivalent to my annual salary and I used the prize money to build the foundation for my new house. On my first trip to India after winning I carried lots of toys for my children and gifts for my family. At work too, I was promoted as a Supervisor (Charge Head). Everything has changed for me -right from my food and accommodation facilities to my monthly salary. If someone had ever told me that I would win a music competition in a foreign land, I would have never believed them. I participated because I loved singing and I was giddy with excitement each time I got selected in the elimination rounds. That moment when I was announced as the winner of Xpress Money's "Dil ki Awaaz" felt surreal. My impossible dream had finally become my reality.

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