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Your Gateway to the World

A formidable network is the founding stone of a successful remittance business. Xpress Money is powered by partnerships that have a robust network in more than 170+ countries across all continents through over 200,000 locations. Our global network of partnerships include renowned international money transfer operators (IMTOs), banks as well as non-banking institutions, telcos, retail chains, online remittance players and fintech companies.

A Robust Compliance Framework

Different countries have different compliance standards and we execute compliance checks which take care of rules-based multi-region KYC, AML and regulatory reporting, blacklists and data confidentiality within minutes.

NICE Actimize - NICE Actimize compliance checks take care of Customer Due Diligence, Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Watch list Filtering and Integrated Fraud Prevention.

World-Check - Part of the Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions suite, the World-Check database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and heightened risk individuals and organizations helps us identify and manage financial, regulatory and reputational risks.

Security Is Our Priority

Our process has a multi-layered, state of the art security system in place to identify and exterminate any potential threats at every stage of our transactions.

  • HTTPS and SSL Encryption
  • Multi-factor Authentication (One time password digital certification)
  • IP Validation

If your business joins forces with us, your security framework will have the most fortified remittance system.


A Global Front-runner in International Money Transfers

In the last two decades Xpress Money has carved a niche for itself in the global money transfer business. Xpress Money’s trusted partnerships ensure compliance to regulations and set guidelines of different countries. Leveraging our global platform, you plug into years of expertise and best-in-class business networks around the world.

Our Eyes on the Future of Global Remittances

We are emphatic believers in the power of embracing collaboration to navigate our way through the realm of international money transfers. As one of the world’s most dependable money transfer brands, we take it upon ourselves to drive inclusion and progress in this industry. Despite digital advancements, there exists some corners in the world where people do not have access to banks or other financial channels. Through our increasing partnerships across the world, we aim to facilitate, empower and include. Xpress Money trusts the synergy of collaborations and enthusiastic partnerships to usher in a whole new world of remittances in times to come.

Our Thought Summary

We are in the business of moving money across borders quickly, safely and conveniently. With an industry that is in a state of constant evolution, knowledge transfer between leadership and clients, between industry peers and academics on the subject of remittance helps the business grow sustainably. Below is a quick roundup of media mentions, knowledge reports and industry snippets.

Xpress Money beckons businesses to wake up and smell the coffee as "The American Dream" fuels the US remittance industry

Unequivocally 'The American Dream' has fed the imagination of millions of immigrants. The fact that America has been the top destination for international migrants since 1960 lends credibility to 'The American Dream'. As a logical consequence of international migration, the US has dominated the global remittance market with a 24% share of the global remittance volume (valued at US$ 613 bn) and has ruled the roost as the largest sender of remittances.

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Xpress Money Augments Its Presence in the African Remittance Market

Over the last 2 to 3 years Xpress Money has strategically streamlined its efforts in the African market to widen its brand presence and customer outreach in the second largest and second most populous continent in the world. The outlook for remittances in Africa holds promise for the diaspora and their beneficiaries as Xpress Money believes remittances can be accessible, affordable and convenient for its African audience.

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Trends to watch out for in Q4 2019

The end of the year is characterised by festivities across the globe; this whitepaper provides an insight and outlook on the trends that define the global remittance industry. Download Whitepaper

Collaboration : Need of the hour to revolutionise the remittance industry

Collaboration is the only constant within the evolving financial services sector. This whitepaper establishes how collaborations are catalytic in meeting the transient needs of the industry. Download Whitepaper


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Reports & Tools

Multiple Payout

Multi-Platform Integration

Fraud Prevention

24x7 Customer Service

Multiple Currencies

Flexible Fees and FX Rates Management



In line with our security and compliance measures, we oversee the ID checks and address verification of remitters when they register with us to transfer money. Our verification is not just limited to KYC; it is designed to ensure a seamless remittance experience for customers, every single time.

One time KYC - When your customer registers to send money, we execute a thorough KYC before processing their transactions. This is a positive step in the direction of keeping potential security and compliance threats at bay.

Repeat Transactions - 'Customer Delight' is integral to the way we conduct our services. Once a customer is verified and registered with us, his remittance habits and recipient details will be saved for future transactions. This way the tedious process of logging in beneficiary details can be skipped in the case of repeat transactions.


Reports & Tools

Reporting and monitoring are essential to track business performance. When you collaborate with us, you are saved from investing in tools for data and performance analytics. Our framework of reporting tools help businesses assess the numbers and analyse the growth pattern of their enterprise.

Online Dashboard - The Xpress Money Online Dashboard is a simple setup that provides a holistic overview of the remittance transactions undertaken, customer data available and other nitty-gritty details which enable seamless functioning of the business.

Weekly Reports - In a bid to carry monitoring activities regularly, our weekly reports are designed to help your business tread ahead sustainably and successfully.

Customized Reports - Each business is a unique entity that comes with its own set of demands. A business that collaborates with us has an edge over its peers as we provide our partners with customized reports to enable accurate decision making.


Multiple Pay-outs

Xpress Money provides a host of diverse pay-out options. The end customers can leverage any of the following pay-out options ranging from Cash Pay-outs, Account Credits, Cardless Pay-outs through ATMs, Credits to Remit Cards & Mobile Wallets and Door Delivery Services to receive money.


Multi-Platform Integration

Our remittance platform is intrinsically designed to be scalable and compatible with the web, mobile, in-store and other diverse transactional platforms.


Fraud Prevention

Fraud within the realm of financial services is a nightmare for any business. In the remittance space, regulatory compliance across varied geographies is non–negotiable; which keeps us on our toes to watch out for fraudulent transactions. Our cutting-edge fraud detection systems and proactive measures ensure businesses are insulated against potential scammers.


24X7 Customer Service

Customer is the most vital cog in the wheel of our business. We have a robust team of experts who are available 24X7 to provide business solutions and handle customer related queries. This is to ensure that our customer experience is par excellence.


Multiple Currencies

With a global footprint in more than 170+ countries, Xpress Money operates with a large number of currencies and is consistently adding more currencies to its repertoire. Fostering a partnership with us ensures that businesses gain access to varied currencies across geographies to meet customer requirements.


Flexible Fees and FX Rates Management

When we collaborate our aim is to grow bigger and better along with our partners. Within the Xpress Money business model, our partners exercise some control over their fees and commissions as they have the power to maximize their revenue channels by managing FX rates.

What we offer

Tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of your business

Backed by two decades of experience in the remittance industry, we have designed tailor-made solutions which can be tweaked based on the needs of any business outfit. Irrespective of whether you wish to expand your payout network or require a complete re-haul of your remittance interface; we can annihilate any obstacles to enable a seamlessly functioning business.

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We are here to devise solutions that will take your business onward and upward. Whether you are an International Money Transfer Organization (IMTO), banking or non-banking institution, telco, retail chain, online remittance player fintech company or a business in any non-financial industry, join forces with us to expand your customer outreach or to offer money transfer services to your existing customers.

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As boundaries between the real and digital space blur with each passing day, businesses must focus on technological advent. Our remittance platform is designed to meet rigorous demands of scalability and security. We also have a fully equipped support system in place for our business partners and through them our end-customers.

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Revenue advantage

At a time when remittance costs are generally high, Xpress Money has managed remittance costs at just one third of the global average. Our transparent commission systems help businesses generate higher revenues without the bane of hidden costs to the end customer.


Engaging with & enabling businesses around the world

Xpress Money has successfully fostered partnerships with some of the world's leading banks, non-banking institutions, renowned international money transfer operators (IMTOs), telcos, retail chains, online remittance players and fintech companies to facilitate their entry and growth with our remittance solutions.

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