Remitly, Xpress Money partner to expand cross-border money transfer services

November 21st, 2019: Remitly, the online remittance service used by nearly two million people, and Xpress Money, a Finablr company, have come together to increase cross-border payout options for customers in Asia and Africa. This partnership leverages Xpress Money’s global footprint and its omnichannel distribution capabilities, addin... Read More

Xpress Money expands operations in China with Geoswift

October 29th, 2019: Xpress Money, a Finablr company and one of the most dependable money transfer brands in the world, has partnered with Geoswift, an innovative payment technology company connecting China and the rest of the world. This collaboration will enable customers across the globe to send money to 14 banks in China directly to a receiver’s UnionPay card account. Recipients will enjoy real-time cross-borde... Read More

Xpress Money’s business solution FLEX strengthens, powered by collaborations with Banks, NBFIs and Online Remittance Players

October 21st, 2019: Global organisations in the remittance and financial services industries have chosen to partner with Xpress Money, a Finablr company, to utilise its cross-border remittance capabilities...

Xpress Money collaborates with Saudi-based NCB’s remittance vertical Quick Pay

September 18th, 2019: Global money transfer organization Xpress Money has collaborated with Quick Pay, the remittance arm of Saudi Arabia’s leading bank the National Commercial Bank. This partnership is a move in the right direction to broaden its portfolio of remit...

KFH, Xpress Money Celebrate Successful Launch of

Chalouhi: Customers can transfer money anywhere, anytime via KFHonline
KFH had made significant strides with its digital transformation journey
Ghandour: service available to transfer money to beneficiaries in more than 80 countries around the world
Service witnes...

Leicester City partners with Xpress Money

- Leicester City Football Club and Xpress Money announce new partnership
- Xpress Money will become the Football Club’s Official Money Transfer Partner
- The company is one of the world’s fastest growing money transfer brands

August 9...

Commercial Bank of Dubai Partners with Xpress Money to expand its international remittance services

August 6th, 2019: Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), one of the leading banks in the UAE, recently partnered with International money transfer organisation, Xpress Money, a Finablr company, to offer remittance solutions to Pakistan and Philippines for the bank’s custome...

Xpress Money looking to double its Mobile Wallet operations in Africa in the first half of 2019

The money transfer organization witnessed a record 37% growth in transfers to Mobile Wallets in Africa

February 4th, 2019: While Africa continues to be driven largely by cash transactions, it is a known fact that the mobile wallet segment is gr...

Millennial migrant workers driving international money transfers, discovers Xpress Money

  • Two-thirds (60%) of migrant workers reveal they can better financially support their families after moving to the UK
  • Quarter of remittances sent used to pay for bills such as electricity and gas (25%), or to cover healthcare and medical costs (25%)

Xpress Money augments its presence in the African remittance market

September 2nd 2018: The potent forces of globalization and migration make the global economy a formidable entity. Migration is integral as it helps boost the economy of the host country while simultaneously bolstering the economy of the origin country through remittances. One of...

Xpress Money beckons businesses to wake up and smell the coffee as

August 13th 2018: Unequivocally 'The American Dream’ has fed the imagination of millions of immigrants. The fact that America has been the top destination for international migrants since 1960 lends credibility to 'The American Dream’. As a logical consequence of internation...

Xpress Money Collaborates to Usher in an Era of Digital Remittances in the UAE

In line with the UAE Vision 2021 of promoting Digital Commerce and Cashless Payments

July 15th 2018: Across the world, countries are moving towards a cashless society, owing to the convenience and cost-effectiveness associated with digital payme...

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