Xpress Money Rewards Card for Jordan

The Big Card with Bigger Rewards
Imagine sending money anywhere in the world and receiving money in return. This is exactly what you get with the Xpress Money Rewards Card. Each time you send money you get a CASHBACK, extra privileges on our special offers and promotions, amongst other exciting benefits. With the Xpress Money Rewards Card, sending money will always be a rewarding experience.

    Register for your Xpress Money Rewards Card and you will get 0.75 JOD CASHBACK on your first transaction. That's not all; you will continue to get 0.30 JOD CASHBACK on every transaction, from the second transaction.


    We want to reward you by giving you more – be it with our amazing exchange rates, low transfer fee or the Xpress Money Rewards Card. Once you receive 0.75 JOD CASHBACK on your 1st transaction and 0.30 JOD on each of your next 5 transactions, you are eligible to redeem 2.00 JOD CASHBACK on your 7th transaction.

    Your rewards will only get bigger and better if you choose to send money with Xpress Money. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to send money and earn rewards. Get started

  • Special Offers & Promotions

    If you are Xpress Money Rewards Card holder you will also receive additional benefits during special offers and stand a good chance of winning promotions and contests hosted by us. Over and above the advantage of secure money transfers, a wide agent network and competitive rates, we also provide you the opportunity to earn money as you send money.
Get More with every Transaction
The Xpress Money Rewards Card makes it possible for you to ‘earn as you send’. Want to know how much can you earn? Find out using the Xpress Money Rewards Calculator
*Disclaimer: The amount is computed taking into account each of your friends does 5 transactions with Xpress Money.
Know More
    • You can collect an instant CASHBACK of 0.75 JOD once you complete your first transaction using the Xpress Money Rewards Card
    • Each time you send money thereafter you get a 0.30 JOD CASHBACK upon presenting your Xpress Money Rewards Card
    • Once you have earned a minimum of 2.00 JOD on your Xpress Money Rewards Card, you can redeem the amount in the next transaction


      In a normal scenario say you wish to send 100.00 JOD to India and the transaction fee to India for cash pick-up is 1.50 JOD. So, your pay-in amount would be the Send amount + Transaction fee which is equivalent to 100.00 + 1.50 = 101.50 JOD.

      Now suppose you have earned a CASHBACK of 2.00 JOD on your Xpress Money Rewards Card and you wish to redeem it. In this scenario you will now have to pay only 99.50 JOD (101.50 – 2.00) and your beneficiary will receive the equivalent of 100.00 JOD in the receive country.

    • To keep a watch on how much balance you have on your Xpress Money Rewards Card or for any other details, you can visit any Xpress Money agent location

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