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Mother's Day for Kids without Mothers

We celebrate Mother's Day every year to acknowledge the special bond between a mother and child.
But what about the millions of abandoned children in the Philippines? Does this day have no meaning to them.

Well, together we can start to change this

Send money with Xpress Money and make this Mother's Day really special
for a few of these abandoned children.

Abandoned in the Philippines

Due to factors like extreme poverty, natural disasters and neglect, many children are left abandoned on the streets of cities like Manila. On the streets, these children face the torments of abuse, starvation, exploitation, disease and drugs.

  • 1.8 million abandoned children in Philippines

  • 1% of Philippines population on the street

  • Over 30,000 children on the streets of Manila

Together with you, we can make a real difference to some of these children

Xpress Money H.O.P.E. has collaborated with Virlanie Foundation
to transform the lives of a few street children in Philippines.

But not without your spirit of Bayanihan Every transfer counts! Send money to Philippines before 14th May 2017, and a part of the transfer fee will be used to provide quality
education, housing, clothing and sustenance for a few abandoned street children of Manila.

Transforming the lives of street children in the Philippines

Through the contribution, we are not making a donation, but actually playing the role of a second parent to these children. We will be looking after the following needs

  • Quality
    education until
    high-school graduation
  • School supplies
    until high-school
  • Accommodation
    and food
  • Hobby classes and
    other learning &
    development needs
  • Periodic assessment
    of academic & overall

Mother's Day

Feast Nominate A MUM

We will also be organizing a special Mother's Day Feast for the 160+ children at Virlanie Foundation in Manila.

But what's a Mother's Day Feast without Mothers? Nominate your mother to be part of this event
and make this day even more special for these children.

Let's make this Mother's Day mean something for Kids without Mothers in the Philippines

Send money today


Xpress Money H.O.P.E. is the CSR arm of one of the world's leading money transfer companies, Xpress Money. The organization has started various initiatives around the world to help people and communities. Xpress Money H.O.P.E. has been active in the Philippines for years through community development programs and relief work.

Know more about H.O.P.E.


The Virlanie Foundation, Inc. is child-caring institution in Metro Manila, Philippines that serves children found living in the streets as well as those referred by other institutions. Virlanie works to prevent the future physical and psychological abuse of children. It envisions empowered children see a brighter future for themselves.

Know more about Virlanie Foundation