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Your Money Is Safe With Xpress Money

November 26th, 2015

Secure Money Transfers

In the world we live in today, a customer’s concern about the safety of his/her belongings is inevitable, let alone the wariness when it comes to their hard earned money. Being in the business of money transfers for over 15 years now and dealing with millions of customers, we understand this circumspection and continually work towards ensuring a safe and secure money transfer process for our customers.

Xpress Money works across geographies, adhering to stringent compliance processes which has resulted in an unblemished track record for the brand. Each time a customer registers with us, a thorough KYC (Know your customer) is done across all our agent partner locations and valid identification documents are submitted for verification purposes. In the case of services that are non-customer facing, i.e a customer does not physically need to visit an agent location to do a transaction, we partner with reputed brands that provide us with detailed verification services.

In the case of XOPO , the world’s first social international money transfer app that has recently been launched in the UK, we have appointed GBG group to provide data verification services for the app. XOPO, is a revolutionary money transfer app that enables international money transfer through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and WeChat. It is an inclusive eco-system that enables customers to send digital content– photos, videos and messages – during the money transfer process across borders.

While launching XOPO we made sure that we adhere to the same compliant systems that we follow for our other services, therefore, we appointed GBG because of their reputation and expertise for highly robust identity verification in the money transfer industry.

Customers have always been our priority – we offer them services that are convenient and suit their needs. We ensure that our services are affordable – our global average cost of sending remittances stands at 2.09% as compared to the industry average of 7.68%. To make our services more rewarding we give a guaranteed cashback on the Xpress Money Rewards Card , for transactions done from certain markets like the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait.

In addition to all of this, we safeguard their hard earned money that they trust us with – through our state of the art security and compliance systems.

We make sure that ‘Your money is safe with Xpress Money’.