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Xpress Money Website Turns Over A New Leaf To Welcome 2019

January 8th, 2019

Xpress Money website turns over a new leaf to welcome 2019

2019 is a New Year and we have entered our 20th year in business. In true Xpress Money style, we decided to kick-start the year by doing something for you, dear Reader. With great pride and a little anticipation, we bring to you our brand new website – www. xpressmoney.com.

Innovation has been our touchstone since Xpress Money was established in 1999. With our new website, we have endeavoured to deliver a unique customer experience through our contemporary, cutting – edge website. In a world caught in the frenzy of digitization, we give you a responsive website that promises to treat you to a visually and intrinsically enriching digital experience.

The strength of our new website lies in its easy navigation with an IP targeted website. Our IP targeted website ensures that you, can visit the page from anywhere around the globe and have access to information that is of relevance and interest to you.
In the last two decades, we have upheld our philosophy of customer centricity and our website with its enriched content and digitally responsive interface are proof of that. We truly hope, Dear Reader, that our website can help address your queries, inform you of our services available across different countries, competitive fees and exchange rates and every new geography where we make our mark.