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Xpress Money Launches A New Campaign Celebrating The Expat Spirit

May 7th, 2019

Xpress Money launches a new campaign celebrating the expat spirit

A familiar fragrance can transport you to your homeland. A loved ones voice heard among the cacophony of a crowd can make you feel at home instantly. A festive air can evoke memories, nostalgia and an aching sense of longing to be back where you belong. All it takes is a moment for home to stop being a place and embody itself as a feeling. Leading money transfer organisation Xpress Money launches it’s ‘Home is a feeling’ campaign to bridge the gap between global expats and their loved ones through money transfer solutions. As one of the most dependable money transfer services, we have a ringside view of expat struggles and empathize with their sense of longing to feel at home. In resonance with their sentiment, we launch our brand campaign “Home is a feeling”. The campaign echoes our efforts to transform their sense of longing into a sense of belonging.

‘Home is a feeling’ campaign launches with a video where expats are in a reflective state oscillating between two worlds. One is the home they have left behind while the other is where they strive to feel at home. Throughout the video, there is no escaping the fact, that for an expat the prospect of a new life is always shadowed by the longing for one’s home. Expats around the world consistently strive to stay relevant in the lives of their loved ones back home even though they are far away. This video establishes our position as the enabler that supports the expat and his family in their times of triumph and tribulations. What’s new about our campaign is that it was created in-house. The campaign will be rolled out across Xpress Money sponsorships and events, reiterating the brand’s commitment to keep the feeling of home alive.

Knowingly or unknowingly an expatriate is always straddling between nostalgia for the familiarity of home and the urge to explore the foreign. Our money transfer services create a sense of belonging among expats, beautifully brought out in the last few lines of our film…

And here, in the middle of longing and belonging, you found us.

Through us, you become a part of everything you left behind.

When you choose Xpress Money, your journey finds meaning.

You find a way to keep that feeling of home alive.