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Welcome Aboard Smiles Mobile Remittance

April 2nd, 2019

Welcome aboard Smiles Mobile Remittance!

Global expats are always on the lookout for fast, efficient and flexible remittances. While traditional financial institutions provide remittance services, we must acknowledge the fact that digitisation is soon gaining momentum within international money transfers.

This is where international money transfers organisations like us can make a big difference. We offer great flexibility and cost efficiency while connecting people across countries, backed by digital technology and industry collaborations.

Bringing mobile money to expats in Japan

Committed to using latest technologies and leveraging innovative partnerships, we recently joined hands with Japan based mobile remittance provider Smiles Mobile Remittance.

Powered by this partnership, expats in Japan can now send money to their loved ones back home 24X7 in a safe, secure and cost-efficient way. Currently our services are active across 10 countries that have sizeable expatriate populations in Japan, which include Bangladesh, Ghana, Indonesia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. We ensure hassle free money transfers to any of the above countries.

Economical transfers, whatever the destination

Cost efficiency is a huge value-add to money transfers. Expats living in Japan can easily send money to their loved ones as Smiles Mobile Remittance are now backed by our expansive remittance network. In collaborating with Smiles Mobile Remittance we have addressed two key concerns – connectivity and cost-effectiveness. For example expats in Japan transferring up to 10,000 Japanese yen through our network can incur fees of 500 yen for Nepal; 750 yen for Thailand; 600 yen for Sri Lanka; 800 yen for Pakistan; and 600 yen for Bangladesh.

Clearly mobile money technology and digital remittances are here to stay. Customers in Japan can use Smiles Mobile Remittance for transferring funds through our network to locations which were well beyond their reach. With Smiles Mobile Remittance on board, our customers in Japan have access to well connected, convenient and cost efficient money transfer services. If you are looking to send money from Japan to your home country, we bring to you a digital remittance solution that can meet the remittance requirements of your loved ones back home.