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We Keep Our Promises!

February 12th, 2016

Xpress Money Rewards Card

It wasn’t just a claim that we made to keep rewarding our customers when we launched the Xpress Money Rewards Program in August last year. Unlike other membership rewards or customer loyalty programs that reward customers only once a certain purchase target is achieved, our Xpress Money Rewards Card continually rewards customers, in addition to the Cashback that they receive on every transaction.

Many of our expatriate customers remit a large part of their earnings to their families back home. Thus, they are left with very little money to spend on themselves. As a brand, that deeply cares for its customers, we decided to reward them for all their sacrifices and hard work by treating them or rewarding them with gifts for themselves.

Recently, we selected 3 winners who have been loyal users of our rewards program and gifted them a grand dinner at one of Dubai’s most glamorous hotels – Atlantis, The Palm.

During the dinner, Ms. Gina Col Iteng, a Filipino expat expressed, “I am so happy today. I have always wanted to visit Atlantis and share pictures with my family back in Manila. It’s truly a dream-come-true moment for me.”

Another winner, Mr. Gul Khan Riaz, a Pakistani expat who works as a civil engineer said, “I have been living in the UAE for over a decade and I have always seen The Atlantis from outside. This is the first time I have been inside the hotel. I am grateful to Xpress Money for giving me this opportunity.”

Similarly, we also hosted an SMS campaign for our loyal customers towards the end of December. One lucky customer, Jose Abner Vafplor who sent money to his family during the campaign period, was elated to win an iPhone 6s.

This loyalty and trust that our customers have in our brand is what inspires us to give them more, each time they transact using the Xpress Money Rewards Card. Like we always say, our customers will keep transacting and we will keep rewarding.