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Everything You Need To Know About Season 2 Of ‘THE ONE’

October 17th, 2019

Everything you need to know about Season 2 of ‘THE ONE’

In a world divided by various languages, cultures, and beliefs, we are all united by music. Indeed, music is an expression of human emotion and creativity that transgresses all barriers and becomes a tool of enjoyment, relaxation, and nostalgia.

This is especially true for the expat community.

With the aim of providing an outlet for millions of expats and to unravel talented singers in the UAE, Xpress Money proudly sponsors Season 2 of ‘THE ONE’ – a pan-UAE singing reality show, produced by Artists Alive Talent Management

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The auditions for the talent show were open to the general public as well as the skilled workforce at labour camps. Season 1 witnessed activity in 28 camps across the UAE with a total of 2900 registrations, including participants from the general public. This time around, Season 2 is going to be even bigger better and louder!

Xpress Money reached out to a whopping 55 labour camps this season to conduct auditions at each camp and registration was free for participants from the labour camps. The sole intention of the second season of ‘THE ONE’ is to provide talented singers an opportunity that could be life transforming and ensure that talent is the deciding factor for being shortlisted for the grand finale.

Language won’t be a barrier

What is unique to Season 2 of ‘THE ONE’ is that participants can choose which language they would prefer to sing in, from the following options – English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, Bangla, Tagalog, Arabic or even Nepali.

To help participants improvise their singing skills, each participant will be mentored till the elimination round by leading musical talent in the UAE. This provides participants an opportunity to not only showcase their talent but also hone their singing skills. Matilyn Bugano and Joy Lachica will mentor English and Tagalog vocalists, Dr. SwaraLaya will mentor Nepali singers, and Nazia Amin will mentor Hindi, Tamil, Urdu and Malayalam singers.

The elimination round of this competition will last through October and November, where contestants will be funnelled down from 120 to 24 for the semi-finals (during the first and second weeks of November). Out of the 24 semi-finalists, 12 will make it to the pre-final grooming session which will eventually culminate to the grand finale, scheduled to be held on November 29 at the Global Village main arena / Creek Park.

One of the key highlights of Season 2 of ‘THE ONE’ is the line-up of illustrious judges – P Jayachandran (India), Shibani Kashyap (India), Princess Sevilianna (The Philippines), ‘Reggie Rockstone (Ghana) and Jeewan Gurung (Nepal) – who are recognised names in the music industry of their countries. The final winner of Season 2 of ‘THE ONE’ will be judged and unanimously selected by some of the biggest names in the music industry.

All about being ‘THE ONE’

Besides showcasing one’s singing talent, participating in Season 2 of’ THE ONE’ promises three winners in the English & Tagalog category and three winners from the Other Language category, a chance to win attractive cash prizes. The second runner-up in both categories will win AED 2500 each while the first runner-up in both categories will win AED 5000 each.

The final winners in both categories will win a huge cash prize of AED 10,000 each.

We are positive that Season 2 of ‘THE ONE’ is going to be a spectacle to behold as the finale will truly embody why love for music is universal when the best of singers in the UAE will vie to be ‘THE ONE’.