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Prioritize Safe Transfers; Choose Xpress Money

May 10th, 2019

Prioritize Safe Transfers; Plug Into Xpress Money’s XPIN

Prioritize Safe Transfers; Plug into Xpress Money’s XPIN

Money transfers stir hope and anxiety within the sender and the receiver till the transaction reaches its logical conclusion. The security of money being sent is always a top concern for expats because remittances sustain their families back home. No one is willing to risk losing the money earmarked for varied expenses of their families. That is why we have ensured an extra layer of security is added to your remittances, with the use of XPIN.

What is XPIN?

XPIN is a unique 16-digit code that Xpress Money gives senders after every single transaction. As a receiver you have to provide a government-issued ID at an agent location and prove that the remittance is rightly yours. We have added an extra layer of assurance for senders by requesting the XPIN code from the receiver, prior to payout.

Sometimes, a transaction may be held up due to an unforeseen delay. The XPIN proves useful to senders who would want to track the status of their money transfer. All you need to do is use the XPIN to verify the status of your transfer by visiting the transaction tracker on our homepage.

As one of the most dependable money transfer organizations in the world, a robust technology is in place to ensure our customers’ funds are highly secure at all times. In order to provide a seamless customer experience, our security technology largely works in the background. Nonetheless sometimes it is not enough to just say we have a secure money transfer solution, it must be evident to the customer too! To that end XPIN easily qualifies as one of our most visible and robust security measures within money transfers.

A word of caution

Each time you send money home #AskForXpressMoney and ensure only the intended receiver knows the XPIN. Frequent and high-volume remittance senders may consider a dedicated means to send their XPIN code to the recipient to limit risks. It is imperative you secure your transfer code and help us deliver safe money transfer services.