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It’s Time To Bridge The Gap

March 9th, 2016

Women today, comprise almost half of the world’s migrant population. This section of society is increasingly working towards changing its status from being dependent to now being independent. Women – who were considered as subordinates at a point in time, are today, ruling countries, heading institutions, partaking in space missions and scaling newer heights with each passing day.

Women today are respected and credited a lot more in society for their achievements than they were a few decades ago. However, despite proving their mettle across different fields and attaining success, there are certain stereotypes that are associated with them only because of their gender. ‘Women don’t make good drivers’, ‘women are not good with numbers’, ‘women cry a lot’, ‘women need to be protected’ are some typical stereotypes that follow women wherever they go irrespective of their religion, nationality or country of origin.

Xpress Money interacts with thousands of women daily and understands the plight of women when they are subjected to such stereotypes despite what their individual personalities or achievements are. Xpress Money therefore, decided to point out to these unfair stereotypes through their campaign launched this International Women’s Day. It’s because of these misconceptions, that there remains a gap between the reality and popular belief. Through this film, we are creating awareness about these misconceptions and myths with an aim of bridging the gap. The message in the film is not just directed to a certain section, but to everyone (society at large) who knowingly or unknowingly falls victim to these misconceptions. The film features women representing different nationalities – who are faced with similar stereotypes, irrespective of the country they come from.

While the general conversation around Women Empowerment is always around women rights and equality, the message in this film deals with the under-the-surface assumptions and misconceptions that women have to deal with on a daily basis.

Gender stereotypes are dangerous.
It’s time to see things as they are.
It’s time to #BridgeTheGap