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Happiness Is Celebrated Everyday At Xpress Money

March 21st, 2018

Happiness Is Celebrated Everyday At Xpress Money

In 1999, we started out as a remittance company with several goals, all under one common vision – creating an organization that will be an instrument of happiness for all its stakeholders. With this vision as our guiding principle, over the years, we have achieved tremendous milestones and evolved as one of the ‘happiest’ remittance brands in the world. As a remittance company, we don’t just consider money transfers numerical transactions; to us, they are little packets of joy sent by expats around the world, to their loved ones back home.

This year, we are celebrating happiness, not as a day or an event, but as a culture that we are built on; and here’s what makes Xpress Money really ‘happy’

Our customers

Our customers, over 250 million migrants around the world, are our primary source of inspiration. Their drive and commitment to stay away from their countries to provide a happy future for their loved ones back home is the incredible reason why we even exist. To serve and enable their cause, is pure joy to us. Since our inception, our mission has been to provide the most convenient, secure, and cost-effective remittance service to our customers around the world. Today, we have over 200,000 cash pickup points globally so that people can send and receive money from anywhere. We employed the most high-end technology and security measures, so that people sending money, can do so with peace of mind. We brought our remittance costs down, nearly 5% lesser than the global average, so that more money reaches the receiver. We were one of the first remittance companies to launch a social money transfer service in the UK, XOPOTO, that allowed users to send money to their social media contacts. We also created an online money transfer platform, that allows people from UK to send money on the go. And the reason behind all our actions – ensuring that customers can truly feel happy while sending money, instead of worrying about the process and logistics.

Our Partners, Our People

Happiness can only be experienced together; that’s why we believe in collaboration to create a happiness network around the world. We have partnered with some of the biggest, most trusted, international money transfer operators (IMTOs), banking and non-banking financial institutions, retail chains, telcos, online remittance players and fintech companies, around the world to enable beneficiaries with simpler ways to receive money. Making sure that our partners are happy, is crucial for our customers’ happiness. We believe in engaging with them through constructive communication; as well as timely rewards and recognition for their support to our brand. Owing to our relationship with our current partners, we consistently form new collaborations to explore new avenues. Our employees are the true agents of happiness; and we instill this culture from day one of each new employee. We believe in equipping our team with crucial training and development programs, that go a long way in their personal and professional growth.

Our Communities

Ultimately, working towards the wellbeing of the communities that we operate in, is important in creating a happier world. Throughout our journey, we have tried to make this world a happier place with initiatives for the betterment of communities around the world. Whether it’s participating in the 10K Dubai Marathon to raise awareness and funds for NGO’s; or making Mother’s Day relevant for the abandoned children of the Philippines, our team is dedicated to spreading happiness and relief to people who need it the most. This year, we spread happiness to over 90,000 blue-collared workers in Oman by creating a platform for them to showcase their singing talent. We also partnered with Dubai Police on International Day of Happiness for their annual happiness campaign which will consist of various initiatives. To kickstart the partnership, we visited Rashid Hospital in Dubai to distribute chocolates and spend time with accident victims and other patients.

While success is generally measured in numbers; to us, true success lies in the lives that we touch, either through our services or our partnerships and initiatives. It’s not just our people, services, or growth that make us proud; it’s our core principle that’s our biggest asset – happiness.