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Get More From Life

April 21st, 2016

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years,” Abraham Lincoln.

The foundation of human migration lies in our perseverance to achieve more. Historical migration of the human population began with the movement of Homo erectus out of Africa across Eurasia about 1.75 million years ago1. Early humans migrated due to many factors such as changing climate and landscape and inadequate food supply.

In the past few years, the number of migrants has risen rapidly for various reasons:
job opportunities, labor shortage, internal conflict and war, natural disasters, etc. At present, more than 247 million people, or
3.4 percent of the world population, live outside their countries of birth and migrants are now sending earnings over US$441 billion back to their families in developing countries. These inflows of cash lead to increased investments in health, education, and small businesses in various communities2.

As a brand, which works daily to transfer money to millions of people across the globe, we understand your dreams, aspirations, hopes and the constant urge to give back more to your families back home.  The insights from our research about you and your dreams led us to create our new brand proposition of ‘Go for More.

Which is why we give you more peace of mind with our instant transfers from one corner of the globe to the other, more convenience with our large network of 180,000 agent locations across 160 countries and more ways to send and receive money, be it from a mobile app or an agent location to a bank account, cash pickup point, mobile wallet or remit card.

We also realize the value of your efforts and give more value for your money through lower transfer fees, higher exchange rates and our cashback loyalty program, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy more benefits.

So go ahead and push yourself to the limits while we take care of your money transfer needs because the only thing between where you are now & where you want to be is yourself. Get more from life. Go For More.


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