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Expats in UAE: “We are Home”

December 1st, 2016

Expat Life in UAE

December 2nd might be just another day in many countries, but not the UAE. This day marks the birth of a country that has dazzled the world over the years. This year, on December 2nd, our beloved UAE turns 45! Also celebrated as UAE National Day.

A country that hosts around 7.8 million expats from all around the globe might be considered by many as a temporary destination, or a phase in their lives. The expats in the UAE thought otherwise when asked how they felt about their current country of residence.

At Xpress Money, we wanted to understand how expats feel about the UAE, so we initiated a survey and got 311 expats from different nationalities and backgrounds to answer it. The results are just phenomenal!

“UAE is Home because it is safe and secure”, said 38% of the respondents. “We are truly grateful for the career opportunities the country has given us”, said another 27%. “It simply gave us a better quality of life”, stated 25% of the respondents.

When analyzing the answers, we saw that expats living in the UAE for less than 5 years or those who have been around for more than a decade, had the same views, both calling UAE, home. This goes to show that irrespective of the time spent, the UAE extends the same spirit of oneness to all its expats.

For the expats, UAE is home, for their families, it is a source of a better life back in their home countries. 47% of the respondents confirmed that the UAE has helped them give their families back home a better life. That was echoed by 16% of women respondents who said, moving to the UAE with their spouses has shown them what a safe, quality life feels like.

The figures just show how cohesive the UAE society is, despite it being multicultural. Our Vice President of Global Marketing, Ashwin Gedam completely agrees, and links this to the UAE’s vibrant economy, dynamism, the vision of its leaders and the welcoming lifestyle for the residents.

Gedam believes that the features of the UAE results in people staying longer and blending with the society until they are an integral part of the nation’s success. This reality has edged the UAE ahead of other countries as the expats become more productive members of the society. “It is amazing to see the UAE Vision 2021 of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to make UAE amongst the best countries in the world, become a reality everyday,” says Gedam.

Happy 45th Birthday UAE!