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Earn Money While You Send Money

August 21st, 2015

Xpress Money Rewards Card

How many times have you actually come across brands that live up to their promises? Do brands really mean what they say or do they just land up making claims instead? Do customers really get what they ask for?

At Xpress Money we believe in delivering what is promised. We are committed to catering to our customers and prioritizing their needs. But, we go beyond just giving our customers what they want and strive to give them more, always. In the same vein, we are now giving our customers the opportunity to earn money, each time they send money.

Yes, you read it right. Not only can you send and receive money in multiple ways with Xpress Money, but you can now also earn when you send money. With the newly launched Xpress Money Rewards Card, you get AED 5 CASHBACK on your very first transaction and will continue earning AED 2 CASHBACK on all your subsequent transactions. That’s not all, you can spread the word by referring your friends and get AED 1 CASHBACK, for the first 5 transactions made by your friends. You also have double the chances of winning during our offers and promotions and can benefit from all our partner tie- ups. The Xpress Money Rewards Card has debuted in the UAE, but will be launched in other Middle East and European countries over the next few months. Our rewards page will give you detailed insights into this program.

At the launch of the program in UAE, Mr. Sudhesh Giriyan,  Chief Operating Officer (COO), Xpress Money said: “We believe that this is an industry first – what we have done is to combine a rewards program with the cause of reducing remittance costs for the customer. Time and again we have reiterated our commitment to contribute to this cause and this ‘Xpress Money Rewards Program’ is a reflection of our endeavour in that direction. Customer benefit has always been our priority and this Rewards Program has been conceived to thank customers for their constant support, by offering them MORE, with every transaction.”

With the Xpress Money Rewards Card, we also aim to contribute to the remittance industry’s objective of reducing transaction costs, by ensuring that remitters pay less, to send money to their loved ones back home.

Getting your Xpress Money Rewards Card is very easy, just 3 simple steps:

  • Visit any Xpress Money agent location in UAE
  • Present your valid photo Id
  • Get you card INSTANTLY and absolutely FREE

With this pioneering program, our customers can keep transacting and we will keep rewarding. Since it’s all about giving our customers MORE.