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Dreams Do Come True

March 25th, 2019

Dreams Do Come True

Everyone has a right to realize their dreams and live up to their full potential. However not everybody has the means to work towards fulfilling their dreams. Sometimes primal instincts of survival take precedence and claw into the opportunity to chase ones dream. We launched Dil Ki Awaaz Season 2, a musical talent show in Oman, to give wings to the musical dreams of the labour population in the country. After all, dreams are meant to come true and Eleanor Roosevelt was right when she said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.

The winners of Dil Ki Awaaz Season 2 are untrained singers blessed with raw talent. Johnson Xavier, Soomar Issa and Ranjan Das work among the labour population of Oman and nurture their love for music whenever they have some free time. Their conviction in their dreams and their love for music is unparalleled. After many rounds of audition, they had a chance to rekindle their dreams at the Grand Finale of Dil Ki Awaaz Season 2, held on March 22nd 2019 at Qurum Amphitheatre in Oman. Johnson Xavier was unanimously declared the winner of Dil Ki Awaaz Season 2 and won OMR 1000 while Soomar Issa the first runner up won OMR 750. Ranjan Das, the second runner up, went on to win OMR 500.

The winners of Dil Ki Awaaz Season 2 rigorously practiced and unabashedly pursued their love for singing. Celebrity judges, Bappi Lahiri and Shibani Kashyap were all praises for the spectacular performances they put up, despite being untrained singers who worked long hours at physically exhausting jobs. The Grand Finale had an interesting line up of duet and solo performances by the celebrity judges, unique dance performances and enthralling musical renditions by each of the Top 20 finalists. The reaction from the crowd gathered at the Amphitheatre, spoke volumes about the scintillating performances that left the audience enraptured.

The contestants of Dil Ki Awaaz Season 2 proved that despite being untrained singers, they had the mettle to enrapture an audience, to receive standing ovations from celebrity judges and deliver livewire performances just like the rock stars they idolize. It is innately gratifying to realize that we were the bridge between labourers and their unfulfilled dreams. All it took was one stage and one song to make their dreams come true.