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Dil Ki Awaz – Finding Hidden Talent In Oman Labor Camps

February 19th, 2018

Dil Ki Awaz by Xpress Money

Everybody loves to sing! And a simple search on YouTube will prove it to you. From mind blowing singing auditions from reality shows around the world to the ones that have been uploaded to make you laugh, or sometimes, even cringe. But some people can drown out the crowd with their voice and you will not find them on any platform; and that’s what we set out to achieve. While there were plenty of platforms for people from big cities and towns to showcase their singing talent; we wanted to create a platform for those who do not have access to singing competitions and reality shows to express themselves – The migrant workers of Oman.

We launched Dil ki Awaaz, which translates to ‘Voice from the heart, a platform for talented migrant workers across labor camps in Oman to showcase their singing talent. The multi-lingual competition, which is open to over 40,000 blue-collared workers, is being conducted over three months. In the first phase of the competition, migrant workers were invited to participate by sending their voice samples through WhatsApp. We then shortlisted the best singers from each camp, and they are now being evaluated through auditions held at each of the 35 camps. The shortlisted participants will then perform at an event held at their camps, and one winner from each camp will be selected to perform at the grand finale. On the grand finale, a team of celebrity judges will evaluate the performance of 35 finalists and choose the top 3 winners of Dil ki Awaaz.

Although we did expect a good number in terms of participation, we were overwhelmed with the number of people who sent us their voice samples. It was pleasantly surprising to witness the hidden talent and passion of so many migrant workers in Oman. We are currently conducting the in-camp auditions and the participants’ excitement is palpable. In the first round, and during the auditions, we came across uniquely talented singers who love to perform and make their voices heard.

‘Dil ki Awaaz’ is an initiative by Xpress Money H.O.P.E.; which is the CSR arm of Xpress Money. As a brand, we have always believed in engaging the communities that we operate in through different activities. With the platform ‘Dil ki Awaz’ we wanted the blue-collared workers in Oman to explore and exhibit their inner talent on a big stage. It’s also a great way for these migrant workers to be a part of something beyond their daily schedule. Because everybody loves to sing, and we are looking for those who truly sing from their hearts.