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Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

October 23rd, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

As most of us are aware, the month of October has been coined as the Breast Cancer Awareness month to create awareness about this fatal sickness. This annual international health campaign is organized by major breast cancer charities across the world, who are tirelessly working towards educating and empowering women to prevent or fearlessly fight the ailment.

Alarming statistics show that 1 in every 8 women, has the chance of being diagnosed with cancer at some point in her lifetime. Though, cancer is increasingly common amongst women, men too are at risk and could be victims of the illness.

The Breast Cancer Awareness campaign was born with the goal of not only creating awareness, but also negating the stigma that is associated with the sickness. The color pink and the pink ribbon are symbols associated with the campaign that people flaunt with pride, acknowledging their support for the cause.

Xpress Money has been associated with the ‘Wear it Pink’ initiative since last year, wherein every employee wore pink to work and contributed towards the cause. This year, as part of H.O.P.E, Xpress Money’s CSR program, we went a step ahead and educated people about breast cancer.

Together with NMC hospital, we decided to lend our support to the semi-skilled and unskilled women workforce in UAE, by conducting a FREE awareness talk and check up for women at a labour camp in Dubai. We are happy to say that we contributed to this larger cause in our small little way by educating women, who are now a lot more informed and aware about their bodies.

Breast Cancer Awareness Talk

Similarly, we conducted an awareness session for all our employees in our GHQ office, as our team is the soul of our business and we strongly believe in a healthy workforce.

Breast Cancer Awareness Session

After both the awareness talks we ensured that everyone pledged to take care of their health and live a healthy lifestyle as they are the ones that their families back home depend on.