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Because Health Is Priority

November 17th, 2015

Xpress Money’s Awareness Drive

The idea that all sweet things are good is a common misconception that people across the world live with. On this World Diabetes Day, Xpress Money conducted an awareness drive at its GHQ office to correct this misconception and inform its employees of how one’s lifestyle at work and home affects the susceptibility of attracting this lifelong disease. To Xpress Money, its employees are its first customers and their health & well-being- its primary objective. With the help of specialized doctors from NMC hospital – Dubai, the employees underwent a medical check for BMI, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Diabetes to take stock of oneself and make lifestyle changes before it may be too late.

Health Check Up

World Diabetes Day was introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) & the World Health Organization (WHO) to create global awareness and to address issues faced by the affected community around the world. Diabetes is often an under-rated disease that many of us take lightly, thinking it wouldn’t affect us, not at this stage, not at this age. However, as we wade through this fast paced, stress induced life, Diabetes has begun to invite itself into the lives of not only young adults but also pregnant women; it’s called Gestational Diabetes. Thus, it becomes even more critical for each of us to take responsibility of our health, for ourselves, our families and friends. Xpress Money did its bit; we want you to do yours.

Alarming statistics released by the IDF states that by 2040 over 640 million of us may be living with Diabetes, affecting people in every single country. We want you to help prove this number wrong and protect yourself & your family from this disease. 2015 is the first year that Xpress Money initiated such an awareness campaign as a part of its CSR program H.O.P.E, for World Diabetes among its employees. Soon the brand will reach out to more people every year. Similarly, we conducted a Breast Cancer Awareness session in the month of October for our employees and a group of women work force in the UAE.