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Back to school with Xpress Money

September 9th, 2016

Back to School Campaign

At Xpress Money, we believe in the power of education for sustainable development and future prosperity. We are also aware that for expatriate customers remitting money home through us, educating their children is a key concern.

So when we wanted to show our appreciation for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who work hard to make their families’ lives better, we decided to help them ensure an education for their children.

We introduced our “Back to School” campaign that put lucky parents completely at ease by taking care of school fees for a year through a lump sum. The campaign awarded 90 OFWs from the UAE and Qatar. 10 lucky winners won a life-changing 75,000 pesos – or 3 years of school fees – while 80 others won 5,000 peso cash prizes.

The campaign was an excellent example of a brand recognising a fundamental concern of its audience and responding to make lives better. “Back to School” made a genuine difference and created heart-warming stories.

For instance, winner Laarni Lorenzana had been working in the UAE as a sales executive for three years. Back home, waiting for her, was her 5-year old daughter Athena. With her cash award, Laarni moved Athena to a private school and covered her fees for three years. Not just that, but she also enrolled her nephew Raymond in the same school and covered his fees for two years. Laarni’s actions have helped create bright futures for two members of the next generation.

Another moving story is that of Gelli Bangay, three years a housemaid in the UAE. Her 5-year old daughter Kristel was smart, intuitive, and determined to become a teacher after growing up. When Gelli won the “Back to School” grand prize, the 75,000 pesos paid three years of fees upfront. She can now use her salary for other expenses – such as helping her sister in the Phillippines who looks after Kristel while Gelli works in the UAE.

These stories have a common thread – hope, and better prospects through education. Millions of Filipinos leave home and move to GCC countries such as the UAE and Qatar for better employment opportunities. They’re working tirelessly to achieve life goals – such as building a family home, or sending their children to good schools. We at Xpress Money are proud to have helped them create a better future through education.