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A Very Special Mother’s Day For Kids Without Moms

May 16th, 2017

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There are 1.8 million street children in the Philippines, who are tired, hungry, sleeping rough, and without anyone to watch over them.

For Mother’s Day, Xpress Money wanted to do something to help these children, and provide them a few precious moments of love and kindness. That’s when we came up with the idea of Mother’s day for kids without mothers. We wanted to make these kids the centre of the occasion. To make them feel loved and cared for; mainly to ensure that they have a good future, which a mother would strive to give her children.

First, we reached out to local partners in the Philippines. We tied up with the Virlanie Foundation – a charity that is dedicated to providing shelter, care and education for the country’s orphans and street children.

Then, we got our Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) community involved. We wanted to make a big difference to orphans and hoped the expatriate Filipino community would rally to the cause.

Between April 21st and May 14th, Xpress Money made the OFW an offer: for any transfers sent to the Philippines in the lead-up to Mother’s Day, Xpress Money would donate part of the transfer fees to ensure a bright future for the children being looked after by the Virlanie Foundation.

Our OFW community responded tremendously across the 160 countries we operate in. The results exceeded expectations, helping us collect funds to support and transform these children with food, shelter and quality education over the long term.

But that wasn’t all. Xpress Money, in collaboration with Virlanie Foundation, also arranged a very special Mother’s Day celebration – uniting children deprived of parental love with moms whose children are overseas. Once again, we turned to our community to nominate their family members back in Manila to spend a few hours with these underprivileged children on Mother’s Day.

The outpouring of love was heart-warming. In an overwhelming response, 27 mothers volunteered to share their love and spend quality time with over 60 children at the foundation. It was a joyously overwhelming experience for all and an incredibly moving spectacle.

Mother’s Day is about love, belonging and appreciation. And we are very appreciative of our Filipino community for organising a very memorable one with love, smiles and safe futures for young children.