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A Life Away From Home – A Bangladeshi’s Quest In Jordan

May 3rd, 2016

An Expat Life Away From Home

There are millions of expats around the world who leave their homeland for new countries, in search of better job opportunities and a brighter future for their people back home. Moving to a new country, although exciting, is not an easy thing to do.

So what is it like to turn a new country into your home? We spoke to a young lady Bilkis, who moved from Bangladesh to Jordan in 2014; Bilkis is a tailor by profession and works at a garment factory in Jordan. Read on to know more about her expat experience.

  1. Why did you move to Jordan?
    I moved to Jordan on May 24th 2014, to earn a better living and support my family back home.
  2. What were your first thoughts when you landed in Jordan for the first time?
    My only thoughts were to get settled into my job as soon as possible and be independent in life without having to depend on other people.
  3. As an expat, what were the first major challenges you faced?
    Initially, the idea of saving money each month and sending it back home was very difficult as I was not accustomed to it. But over time I learned how to save and now I send a large part of my savings back home.
  4. What are the best things about living in Jordan?
    Jordan is a beautiful country, but what excites me the most is the snowfall. Despite the freezing temperatures, the snow makes me happy as I had never experienced it before in my life.
  5. Any advice for people moving from your country to Jordan?
    Anyone moving from Bangladesh to Jordan or anywhere should ensure that they learn about the job or the industry they are going to join. Getting a formal training before leaving your home country will only prove beneficial to you in the long run.
  6. How often do you send money home and to whom?
    I try to save as much as possible, therefore I send larger amounts once every 3 months to my brother back home.
  7. How do you send money?
    I have tried a few services, but by far my experience with Xpress Money has been the best. The fees are affordable and I get a good rate too. My brother also prefers to collect the money from Xpress Money as there are many locations in the area we stay.
  8. How has moving to Jordan changed your life?
    My biggest ever dream was to own a plot in Bangladesh and coming to Jordan has helped me fulfil that big dream of mine. I have smaller dreams now that I am working towards fulling in due course of time.