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A Global Iftar – 20 Countries, 13 Time Zones, 1 Day

June 11th, 2018

A Global Iftar - 20 Countries, 13 Time Zones, 1 Day

Breaking the Ramadan fast with family and friends as the sun sets is what makes Iftar such a crucial part of Ramadan. For millions of Muslim expats, who live and work away from their families, it’s an aspect that’s missing during the Holy Month. While their families are back home, they are part of another family; the Xpress Money family; and we decided to do something special for them. Ramadan is a time when expats send money to their loved ones back home through Xpress Money for Eid Celebrations. And we decided to surprise them with something that had never been done before. On 31st May 2018, we organized a special Global Iftar at Xpress Money locations in 20 countries across thirteen different time zones. We organized these special Iftars in Fiji, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, Uganda, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, Ghana, UK, US, and Canada. A #XMGlobalIftarBox containing dates, water, fruits, juices etc. was shared with our customers to begin their second meal of the day.

We have been organizing Iftars for migrant workers across the GCC and Asia for years; but this time we wanted to reach out to our patrons in different parts of the world. It was a day to remember, as different regional teams of Xpress Money got together to share Iftar meals with our customers around the world. In the UAE, we were whole heartedly supported by the Dubai Police in our initiative to distribute the specially packed Iftar boxes to customers as a part of Ramadan celebrations.

To us, people who use our services to transfer their hard-earned money, are part of our global family; and we have always believed in going the extra mile towards making their experience more rewarding. Although conducting an Iftar across 20 countries on the same day was a challenging task, the reward of seeing our customers smile made it all worth it.