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A Chance To Watch Your Favourite Premier League Team In Action

August 29th, 2017

A Chance To Watch Your Favourite Premier League Team In Action

At Xpress Money, we understand football fever. We know how much people want to support their teams. So, we’ve made it just that little bit easier for them by creating a special promo for football fans in the UK remitting to select countries in Africa.

Between 21st August and 22nd October 2017, anyone sending money from the UK to Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania or Uganda will get a chance to win tickets to see live football action.

At Xpress Money, we want our customers to be a part of the Premier League fever up close and personal. So, everyone remitting money to African countries on the list within the promo’s time frame will be automatically entered in the main prize draw as well as nine weekly draws held separately.

We’ve made sure that 11 lucky customers will win a ticket each to see football action live at a stadium. But to make the promotion as inclusive as possible, we’re also giving away 18 £50 Love2Shop gift vouchers – two per weekly draw winner.

Just to remind you of the treat you’re in for: The 2017/2018 Premier League season formally kicked off on Friday, August the 11th, when fan favourite Arsenal took on popular Leicester City in a goal fest that saw Arsenal push ahead 4 goals to 3. The season’s action continues unabated. And with the last season seeing a record 37 goals scored, fans expecting another high-scoring season will probably not be disappointed.

At Xpress Money, our aim is to be there for our community of customers and help them fulfil their dreams – be it related to a better education, starting a small business, saving money for their family, or watching their dream team in live action.

We’re also proud to be part of an eco-system of remittances that genuinely boosts economic progress, income equality and a better life in recipient countries.

Take for instance the case of Nigeria, which received USD 18,956 million in remittances the world over – money that constituted around 4.7% of the country’s GDP. Or Ghana, where the USD $2,042 million in remittances last year accounted for 4.8% of GDP. Kenya, meanwhile, benefitted from USD 1,727 million in remittances – or around 2.4% of its GDP, while Uganda’s USD 1,078 million in remittances received formed 4.2% of the country’s overall GDP.

It doesn’t get better than economic uplift combined with live football action. Our weekly prize draws are being held every Thursday at 12 pm GMT, and ticket winners will see their team play between 1st November 2017 and 31st March 2018 – during peak season.

If you want to find out more about terms, conditions and updates for the competition, you can head to our Xpress Money Facebook page or browse through our Terms and Conditions. Good luck, and see you at the big game!