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2019 – Stepping Into The 20th Glorious Year Of Being Xpress Money

December 18th, 2018

2019 - Stepping into the 20th glorious year of being Xpress Money

Around 1999 the UAE Exchange group launched an instant money transfer product called ‘Money Anywhere in Minutes’. Initially it was used within UAE Exchange branches and was later used by the Group’s agency networks. It was only around the year 2000 that the product ‘Money Anywhere in Minutes’ metamorphosed into the brand Xpress Money. Today Xpress Money has a global footprint across 160,000 locations and with more than 300 employees we are recognised as one of the most dependable money transfer brands in the world.

As the sun sets on the calendar year of 2018, the dawn of 2019 heralds the 20th glorious year of Xpress Money. In an industry of cut-throat competitiveness, rampant digitisation and consistent disruption, Xpress Money came into being and held its own. From its humble beginnings as a money transfer product to becoming a force to reckon with in the world of international money transfer, Xpress Money has come a long way ahead. At a time when transfer fees were abominably high, Xpress Money took the road less travelled and worked at keeping transfer fees lower than the global average. In doing the right thing for its customers Xpress Money has always had its heart in the right place for the past 19 years and still counting.

Reflecting on the last 19 years, we have consistently carved a niche for ourselves through landmark achievements despite myriad industry challenges. The challenges that were conquered and the success stories that were scripted define the ethics and the values of Xpress Money. As we usher in our 20th year of successful business operations in 2019, the way forward for Xpress Money holds the promise of global domination – one transaction at a time. It is time to pause for a moment; commemorate our arduous journey and celebrate every milestone achieved. Success and relevance are two aspects of business that are quickly fading into oblivion. In its last 19 years Xpress Money consistently beat the odds to sustain its success and relevance and exist in a league of its own.