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With Love, From Home

October 6th, 2015

Care package from home

For those of us living away from home, it is natural to have our ‘homesick days’ reminiscing the good times spent with our loved ones while missing our family, friends and relatives. Whether you are a student studying away from home or an expat living away from family overseas, we all have days when ‘home’ feels like a missing piece of our everyday life’s puzzle.

But there’s one thing which can be an immediate energizer for anyone living away from their homes, and that is to receive a care package right from the heart of our homes. Packed with love and affection from our loved ones, these care packages could have anything that reminds us of home – food, a bed cover, photographs or even a letter written by someone dear to us – they can come anytime, for our birthdays, for that first Christmas away from home, or even when we are sick, and it is always welcome.

So what are the different things in a care package that can lift the spirits of those who have been away from home for a while and craving the homelike feeling to set their spirits soaring.

Handwritten letter

In today’s world of Facebook and emails, handwritten letters seem passé. But nothing can beat the charm of a good old handwritten letter. It shows that someone cares enough for you to make the effort of taking time out to write one personally – these letters are something that will be cherished for life, read over and over again, for days on end.

Home-cooked food

For anyone living away, receiving something home-cooked, especially by mom, is the best gift ever. Nothing in the world can replace the flavors and the love with which the special meal is prepared and carefully packed. Get the best chef to dish out the same recipe and it still won’t taste the way mom makes it. There is a reason its called comfort food…because home cooked food is the best remedy for a homesick heart.
Home cooked food

Bits and bobs from home

The good old quilt that has been used for decades back home, will suddenly feel the coziest. Old photographs, books, a dried flower, an old diary or a stuff toy….. these little things have the power to bring back fond memories of people or instances that can make you chuckle. Sometimes, just the fragrance of home that is a part of the goodies is enough to put a smile on someone’s face.

Though any care packages or parcels cannot substitute the love and care that we all get back home, small gestures like these are sure to make us feel cherished, remembered and missed by those who we love. And that, is one of the most heart warming feeling in the world, especially when people are living miles away from home.