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Why Money Is An Ideal Gift For All Seasons

December 24th, 2018

Why money is an ideal gift for all seasons

If you’re a foreign national, living and working far away from family and friends, you may be sending money regularly to your home country to support your loved ones. In addition to these payments, and even if you don’t send regular sums, there may be times when you want to give money as a gift to someone to mark a special day or event. Whatever your nationality or religion, every culture has occasions when it’s appropriate, even expected, to give gifts.

December, of course, is the time when many people exchange Christmas presents. But, whatever the occasion, be it a birthday, a barmitzvah or a wedding, no one will ever be disappointed if you send money as a gift. And sending money makes particular sense if you are unable to give your gift in person.

The benefits of money transfer

While some may say it lacks imagination and thought if you Send Money , there are many advantages. Post can be unreliable at the best of times, and there are added pressures at Christmas due to the high demand on postal systems, plus you’re at the mercy of the postal system in the receiving country – which can often be erratic in underdeveloped regions. Do you really want the risk that your present will go astray, end up damaged in transit, or arrive late?

There is also the cost of international delivery, which can be considerable because it depends on the weight of your package, the destination country and the speed of delivery that you choose. And don’t forget the additional cost of wrapping paper and packaging.

With an International Money Transfer, you can be sure that your gift will arrive safely and be welcome, and you avoid the stress and guesswork of shopping for a gift that the recipient may not want or need. Gone is the worry that your choice may be inappropriate or that the package may not be delivered on time, in one piece, or even at all.

Choosing the right money transfer method

All you have to think about is which money transfer organisation to use, and which method of transfer is best for the recipient. At Xpress Money, you have affordability, choice, speed and reliability. Because Xpress Money has a global average charge of just 2%, you have the comfort of knowing that your financial gift is working hard for both you and the recipient, and that the transfer fee may well be a lot cheaper than sending a package through the post. Most certainly, it will be cheaper than bank-to-bank transfers, which have a global average fee of 10.51% according to the latest figures.

Whether sending your gift for Christmas or another special day, timing is always important. Xpress Money can make instant payments, and you have a choice of delivery methods. Depending on where the recipient lives and their requirements, you can make cash deposits which can be picked at a huge number of locations; you can send money directly to an account; you can make mobile payments; and you can even arrange for money to be delivered straight to someone’s door. Moreover, as well as speed and convenience, you can track the payments and be confident that the money has been received.
If you’re thinking of sending a gift to someone this Christmas, or wish to celebrate another special occasion with a gift, remember that money is always appreciated. And if you want speed, security and affordability, Xpress Money is one of the most economical and efficient ways to bring a smile to someone’s face – whether at Christmas or any other time of the year.