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Upcoming Attractions in Dubai This Winter

September 24th, 2016

Upcoming Attractions in Dubai This Winter

Dubai is a city always on the move. Even with the some of the world’s best attractions – including the tallest building in the world – there’s always a host of coming attractions to look forward to. The Dubai Opera House has just had its debut to much acclaim, and the IMG Worlds of Adventure Theme Park has also had its much-awaited opening. But fear not – there is plenty waiting in the wings still for 2016.

Dubai - A City of Sky Scrapers

3 of the city’s top up and coming attractions for the rest of the year include:

Safari Park in Dubai

The Dubai Safari Park

Eventually replacing the tight confines of the Dubai Zoo, the Dubai Safari Park will open to curious visitors and animal lovers by the end of 2016. Surrounded by a 3.7 kilometre fence, the 119-hectare project will home some 1,000 animals, with around 350 rare and endangered species.

Designed to offer habitats as close as possible to animals’ natural habitats, the Park will include state of the art features to combat the summer heat. Chilled pools, air-conditioned rocks and misting machines are just some of the innovative additions to keep animals as comfortable as possible.

When fully open, visitors will need around 8 hours to explore the park in its entirety. An on-site hotel, a 1000-seat theatre and a waterfall and wadi are all part of the attractions on offer.

Ferris Wheel

The Dubai Ferris Wheel

London has the famous London Eye. And now Dubai is getting into the act with its own Dubai Ferris Wheel. The 210-metre high wheel is almost twice the height of the London Eye, and will be the world’s largest when complete.

Built near the Jumeirah Beach Residence area, the Ferris Wheel’s 48 compartments will hold 1,400 visitors and offer superb views of the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab.

That’s not all. The base of the wheel will become the epicentre of a souq area and promenade. Alfresco dining outlets, retail opportunities and a fresh produce food hall will bring to life a vibrant traditional Arab marketplace.

The Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame

Designed as a window between the old and the new, the Dubai Frame is already visible on the skyline as work continues. The name gives the shape away: 150-metre high towers will be spanned by a 100 square metre bridge to create a hollow rectangle.

The Frame is situated in the well-known Zabeel Park – a location chosen to give visitors the best possible views of Dubai’s old and new worlds. In one direction, visitors will look down upon the city’s older neighbourhoods such as Karama, Bur Dubai and Deira. Meanwhile, the other side will frame contemporary Dubai landmarks including the Emirates Towers and the Burj Khalifa.

The bridge doubles as an observatory offering panoramic views, with space a-plenty for camera enthusiasts to snap away. Meanwhile, the ground floor will house a museum charting Dubai’s meteoric journey to modernity.