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The Best Finance And Transport Apps For Students In The UK

August 23rd, 2019

The best finance and transport apps for students in the UK

The life of a student in the UK is an incredibly rewarding experience – but it can have its hassles too. When not studying, eating out or socialising, students have three main preoccupations – transport, financial management, and sorting out coursework. So we’ve come to your aid with a quick list of the best finance apps and best transport apps in the UK.


Waze: Are you driving to university or your part-time job, by any chance? You might need to if you’re far away from the city centre. If you’re braving the motorways, you need this loyal companion to keep you updated with traffic alerts. Waze is one amongst the best transport apps that will get you out of the gridlock by forewarning you when things aren’t going according to plan. It keeps you abreast of traffic accidents, roadworks and even speed cameras. With a live news feed and route planner, this will help you get to your lecture in double quick time.

Citymapper: Put simply, City Mapper makes cities useable. This public transit app gets you from point A to B on public transport in the best way possible. Forget about poring over individual bus maps, Tube timetables and train schedules. Plan your journey from an integrated dashboard where bus, cycle, ferry, tube, rail and tram are all considered and combined. After all, it’s not so much the journey as the destination when you’re a student – because time is very much of the essence.

The best finance and transport apps for students in the UK

Trainline: With Trainline, you can effortlessly book train and coach tickets at affordable rates. Get live departure boards, price alerts, seat preferences, favourite routes and more from this handy app, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Book your tickets as close as 10 minutes before departure just in case you have last minute plans or are running late.

Financial Management

Mint: If you’re a student, budgeting probably doesn’t come naturally. After all, the all-nighters, lectures, and socialising are more rewarding. But it hurts when there’s nothing left in the pocket mid-week. Don’t worry; we’ve found a solution. Mint is a handy budget planner and tracker app that helps you manage money, create a budget and track you r spending. This app is one of the best finance apps that even displays helpful graphs and pie charts when you can’t quite figure out where your last 100 pounds have disappeared.

Reading and assignments

Scribd: Let’s face it; books are expensive. So welcome to Scribd. This digital library unlocks the world’s largest collection of e-books, written works and even sheet music. 400,000 titles are at your beck and call, including literary classics and genre leaders. The app is free to download, but you’ll need a GBP 8.99 membership to get full access. It’s a small price to pay for being able to get your hands on that sociology text on the bus when you’re on the way to class. And when you want to relax, there are even some 10,000 comics to choose from. It’s your own personal library in your pocket.

Dropbox: Work on more than one personal computer? Do yourself a favour, and get the Dropbox app – available across most platforms. A free basic account gives you 2GB. Dropbox syncs files across all your computers and mobile devices. So if you made copious notes in class and then dropped your laptop in the mud – fear not! Your files will be waiting on your desktop at home.

These are the best free apps for students in the UK that can be installed from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.