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Say Bye-Bye to Anxiety with the Transaction Tracking feature

March 25th, 2020

Transaction Tracker

In today’s day and age when competition is stiff in every stream of business, a positive experience can transform a consumer into a loyal customer. One of the most significant components of a positive customer experience is the brand’s ability to deliver on time and to keep the customer informed through the track transaction status feature. This component comes into play more strongly in the case of money transfers and the advantage of being able to track a money transfer.

When shopping from a regular store, a customer can enjoy instant gratification as they come into ownership of their purchase. However, this is different in the case of an e-commerce purchase and money transfer, whether online or offline. In both cases, the customer has to wait for their items to be delivered or for their money to be transferred to the recipient. Naturally, this wait can often lead to anxiety, which potentially could mar the customer’s experience. However, if the brand uses the transaction tracking feature to communicate with its customers, it can go a long way in relieving the anxiety that comes from waiting. As a company, when you give customers access to this feature, you provide them with an opportunity to see why they can trust you.

Did customers always have the option to track their money transfer status?
Popular e-commerce brands, logistics and courier companies introduced the concept of providing real-time information on shipments to customers. As far as money transfers are concerned, a money transfer tracking tool becomes critical because often the recipient of the transfer is in another country. Speaking about our transaction tracker, Marlona Gracias, an Xpress Money customer says, “When I send money home to the Philippines every month, I want it to be delivered soon, knowing that my mother is waiting to receive it at the other end. Once the transfer has been sent, Xpress Money’s transaction tracker helps keep an eye on my money at all times. I can check it from their website, or even on the phone when I am travelling. It is so convenient. If I didn’t have the ability to track a money transfer with that kind of ease, it would make me very nervous about the safety of my money.”

Earning a customer’s trust is essential to any business, and that can be achieved by adopting transaction tracking. Especially in the case of money transfer, the benefit of being able to track transaction status can be more influential than the forex rate being offered. As a feature, it conveys the message that the brand is dependable, provides good customer support and has secure payment systems in place. Additionally, it also lets customers see the confidence a money transfer service brand has in their offering.