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Safety Begins With You

June 29th, 2015

Money safety tips

In today’s world, technology is making everything easier. Be it ordering for food, booking a ticket at the movies or even money transfers, there is an option available to you for do it online from the comfort of your home, office or even when you’re on the move. Even as we become more comfortable with doing things online, when it comes money, you can never be too careful. Here are a few things you should bear in mind to keep your money safe, when working online.

Don’t send money to strangers

This seems simple enough, but there are many out there who fall victim to the gazillion online scams that exist. This could be someone who approached you online for favors, or even an online merchant that you have never really heard of. If you don’t know an individual or entity, personally, do not send money online or otherwise.

Don’t give out your personal or financial details to anyone

Be it your bank account numbers, passwords, credit card or debit card pins, keep them to yourself. Do not reply to any emails that ask for such sensitive information from you. Beware of mails which seek you to authenticate personal information, by claiming that your account may be closed for the lack of confirmation. If you are in doubt, call the customer care number of your bank or credit card company to confirm.

Do not send cash for purchases you make online

Whether it is online shopping or buying through an internet auction, always insist on paying through a channel that will ensure your protection – such as a credit card. Do not send cash online or through a wire transfer.

Password protection goes a long way

It is not wise to keep a single password for all your online transactions. You should always keep multiple passwords for your online activities, and also change them frequently. It’s ideal if the passwords are complex and unique, making it difficult for fraudsters to guess it.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Received an email about a sudden inheritance from a relative you didn’t know of? Or got a job opportunity abroad that sounds unbelievable? Chances are that you have been hit by one of the many internet scams that are doing the rounds. Keep yourself safe and do not respond to these mails.

If you keep these simple do’s and don’ts in mind, you can easily safeguard yourself against the risks of scams and fraudsters. Keeping your money safe is no rocket science, all you need is a little common sense!