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5 reasons Why The UAE Is Popular With Second & Third Generation Expats

November 28th, 2019

The UAE is a melting pot where people of different races, ethnicities and nationalities live in peace and harmony. Over the past few decades, the nation has firmly etched its global status as a truly cosmopolitan nation bustling with expats from all over the world.

As per estimates, nearly 88% of the population of the UAE is foreign-born. While this may sound astounding, there is no doubt that life in the UAE attracts millions of expats who easily assimilate with the new country.

Over the years, there has been a rising trend of expats and their families setting up their lives permanently in the UAE. Consequently, many second and third-generation expats living in the UAE refer to the nation as their home.

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Here are five reasons reinforcing why the UAE is home to most of the second and third-generation expats living in the country:


A significant reason why second- and third-generation expats are comfortable calling the UAE their home, is the multiculturalism prevalent in the nation. Home to expats from almost every country in the world, the UAE is a cauldron of people from diverse cultures. It is a place where different races, religions, and ethnicities coexist in peace and harmony.

The UAE government has been integral in nurturing an environment that promotes cultural diversity and fosters mutual respect among its citizens. Rules and regulations are enforced to protect the cultures and religions of the local as well as expat population. The result is a nation where all the citizens embrace multiculturalism and celebrate cultural diversity.

Job opportunities

Rich in oil-based resources, UAE, is home to millions of expats who have carved out a comfortable lifestyle for themselves with well-paying jobs. Leading business organisations from all industry verticals operate in the UAE, and most second and third-generation expats prefer living in the UAE as the country offers some of the best employment opportunities in the world.

What’s more, the UAE boasts of world-class infrastructure, diverse workforce, and great opportunities, thereby making it ideal for those who wish to enjoy a good quality of life.

Moreover, one of the primary attractions of having a job in the UAE is that salaries are tax-free; making it a paradise for expats who want to spend as well as save money in the best manner possible.

International connectivity

In today’s world, the term ‘international connectivity’ has more connotations than one. While it does refer to the physical aspect of transport and travel between nations, international connectivity also encompasses the broader spectrum of connectivity between countries in terms of two essential elements of technology: telecommunications and the internet.

The UAE fares excellently on both fronts. It enjoys a strategic location that places it smack in the middle between the eastern and western hemispheres. You are spoilt for choice if you wish to travel to/from the country. In terms of internet and telecommunications, the Global Connectivity Index 2018 report by Huawei ranked the UAE first in the Middle East and North African region and 23rd worldwide when it comes to having the most advanced broadband market. So, second and third-generation expats stand to benefit from the best-in-class international connectivity.


Diversity in food choices is vital for a nation that aspires to be truly cosmopolitan. Second- and third-generation expats in the UAE have the luxury to indulge in any global cuisine that they desire.

Many speciality restaurants serve authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine. However, over the past two decades, the UAE has grown to accommodate all kinds of cuisines available at different prices.

Italian? Chinese? Ethiopian? The nation has it all. It is home to many leading global fast-food chains, and the street food scene is also gaining popularity among locals and expats. Second and third-generation expats in the UAE are spoilt for choice, as independent restaurants and cafes cater to all kinds of culinary preferences.


A shared feeling of belonging to the community is essential for the well-being of every expat. The UAE government has successfully created an all-inclusive community that does not discriminate on racial and cultural lines, and it has motivated like-minded expatriates to build a sense of community amongst themselves.

Through various initiatives and services, the UAE has been successful in empowering and protecting communities. Women, children, youth, senior citizens, and the lesser privileged are all supported and encouraged to live life with pride and dignity. Second and third-generation expats appreciate this as it creates a sense of safety and more security about their future.


Human beings have never been more closely connected, personally and professionally, as they are today. That explains why nearly every country in the world has a burgeoning expatriate population contributing to its overall growth and development. The UAE has set an excellent example; as second and third-generation expats feel at home. And for this reason alone, the nation deserves plaudits.