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Movies To Watch On New Year’s Eve

December 30th, 2019

Movies To Watch On New Year's Eve

So, what’s your plan for New Year’s Eve? Okay, we know you might have been asked this question many times, over the past few weeks; to an extent where even you may start questioning yourself – just what are my plans for the New Year?


While many people love to party the night away, spending quality time at home on the couch is also a perfectly acceptable way to usher in the New Year. If there is good food, great company, and a line-up of your favourite movies, what more can one ask for?


If the idea resonates with you, read on. We have listed some films that are all-time classic New Year’s Eve watches. You may have seen many of them already, but it’s the season to revisit some of these classics.

New Year’s Eve (2011)

This is an obvious choice. If there ever was a film made just for watching on New Year’s Eve, it would be this. Perfect for rom-com fans, the film stars everyone famous: Halle Berry, Zac Efron, Sarah Jessica Parker… and even Jon Bon Jovi.


The Holiday (2006)

Watching a heart-warming romantic comedy on New Year’s Eve while sipping hot chocolate is one of the most perfect ways to ring in the New Year. This movie is a beautiful journey of finding love in unexpected places and will inspire you to end the old year on a very romantic note.


200 Cigarettes (1999)

This one is for indie lovers. The film tells the story of several New Yorkers as their lives unfold on New Year’s Eve. The cast includes Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson, and Paul Rudd.


The Gold Rush (1925)

Charlie Chaplin’s lonely New Year’s Eve fantasy party (with the dancing dinner rolls routine) when he waits for a girl who never turns up is a fantastic watch. If you are spending New Year’s Eve alone, we recommend you watch this movie.


Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

We’re sure you must have seen this one more than once, yet it makes for a great watch on New Year’s Eve. This adaptation of a popular novel starring Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant tells a story that begins on a New Year’s Day and ends on a New Year’s Eve.


The Godfather: Part II (1974)

Well, you don’t have to wait for any particular occasion to revisit this masterpiece. However, the most epic scene in the film takes place on New Year’s Eve as Michael Corleone confronts his traitorous younger brother at a party.


Trading Places (1983)

This identity comedy is the perfect choice if you’re looking to bring in the New Year with uncontrolled bouts of laughter. Starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, the film is a total laugh riot.


Get your friends and family together, bring out the popcorn for an entertaining New Year’s Eve with a movie of your choice. If you know of any more movies that must make it to this list or have a favourite that you’d like to share, mention it in the comments below. 


We wish you and your loved ones an exciting New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year!

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