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5 Most In-Demand Careers For Expats In 2020

November 26th, 2019

A report by the World Economic Forum reveals that increased technological advancements and a change in demographic trends could lead to a loss of over 5 million jobs worldwide. In the future, we can expect radical changes as hitherto unexplored fields see a massive jump in job vacancies.

If you are an expat, these rapidly changing advancements – good or bad – make it imperative for you to stay on top of industry trends. The labour market is expected to evolve; here are five in-demand careers for expats that are expected to see rapid growth in 2020.

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1. Developer

If you’re serious about making a career as a digital nomad, you will be happy to know there’s a rising demand among global organisations seeking skilled developers. As digital technology makes its way into our daily lives and at the workplace, the need for developers is bound to increase.

Apart from designing, testing, and running programs for applications, a web developer’s responsibility also entails maintaining the technical performance and digital capacity of a business. As the linchpin of a digitally-driven world, it is only natural that jobs in this sector are estimated to grow by 21% between 2018 and 2028.

2. Web designer

The Future of Jobs, a report from the World Economic Forum, says that creativity is expected to be one of the top three in-demand skills in 2020. With in-depth knowledge of the discipline and a keen sense of thinking, web designers use their imagination to synthesise information that we see on our screens every day.

Since global organisations have an unstated obligation to have a digital presence, the need for skilled graphic designers, website coders, and interface designers is expected to be on the rise in 2020. Expats with relevant skill sets can look forward to exploring new opportunities in 2020.

Thanks to the avalanche of new technology surrounding us, bots can help reduce the workload, but they cannot contribute as creatively as humans. With skilled expats around the globe, businesses today are looking for web designers who can enhance the user experience for visitors coming to their websites.

3. Marketing professional

Marketing is a simple act of promoting and selling services, and it is at the core of every successful organisation. While expat developers are creating immaculate software and designers are curating an excellent user experience, businesses need adept professionals who can push the brand’s message among the masses.

Primarily, marketing and PR tactics are used to attract customers across borders; global firms look for spontaneous and skilled expats who can undertake the various responsibilities of managing marketing strategies. An accomplished marketing professional can reach out to clients, explain how the business works, drive marketing strategies and analyse industry trends. If you believe you have the expertise, keep an eye out for some excellent career options in global marketing.

4. Data analyst

The field of data analytics and behaviour study is still in its nascent stage, yet witnessing rapid changes. Data analytics helps businesses gain insight into industry trends and metrics that are usually ensconced in a pile of raw, uncategorised numbers.

Data is radically changing the way we live and work. In a short period, data science has established itself as the gateway to the future for all businesses. So it is only natural that career options in this field are growing manifold. Expats who have the relevant skills can explore the plethora of opportunities that exist in the field of data analytics.

Businesses use the expertise of data scientists to analyse large volumes of raw data and draw broad conclusions. Global organisations use these insights to help enterprises to optimise performance by reducing costs and identifying ways to make more efficient decisions.

From streamlining business operations to analysing customers’ behavioural journeys, the demand for data scientists, developers, and engineers in the US is expected to lead to around 364,000, new openings by 2020, according to IBM.

5. Management/HR professional

A skilled human resource manager has to be manager, planner, guide, and consultant all rolled into one. As HR is a crucial link between a business and its employees, every organisation is on the lookout for qualified HR professionals that can oversee employee recruitment, training, and management.

The employment growth of HR managers is projected to at an average of 7% from 2018 to 2028, much higher than most other professions. A team of expert management specialists ensure that the business has a steady pipeline to nurture and train people for different roles. The rise of management positions in 2020 makes it a preferred career for expats on the lookout for challenging opportunities abroad.

One of the best ways to find new talent is to hire an organisational specialist. Skilled professionals in the field can also help businesses retrain existing employees. It may be true that the rise in technology affects some segments in the workforce by taking jobs away from people. Still, technology also creates career opportunities for expats to hone their skills in areas of development and strategy.

There is no doubt that change is inevitable in the modern workplace. What you must focus on is preparing yourself to embrace change. Whether the change involves technological advancements taking over the world or demographic fluctuations disrupting the business industry, as a skilled expat, you can gain expertise to find one of these five fastest-growing jobs soon.