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Making The Most Of Holiday Sales

November 21st, 2017

Holiday Shopping Deals

As the festive season draws close and the weather gets a little nippy, most of us are thinking about friends, family and holidays. It’s the season to be jolly and the season to spend on your loved ones.

Shopping for presents and goodies puts a large dent in budgets over the festive season. Fear not though – we have come up with some suggestions on how to score great deals on sales this festive season.

Mark Black Friday in your calendar

Mark your calendars for November 24th 2017 – when Black Friday falls this year. It sounds a bit glum but it really isn’t. Traditionally, Black Friday was the day when shops and retailers went into the black – i.e., became profitable and came out of the red1. Now, Black Friday has taken on a festive air, and is the main shopping day for the festive season. It also marks the unofficial beginning of festivities.

On Black Friday, malls and brands the world over offer discounts, sales and great deals. In certain parts of the world, Black Friday crowds throng shopping malls and queue up. But you don’t necessarily have to wait in line. Most e-tailers also celebrate Black Friday – which means all you have to do to score excellent deals is log on and shop online.

Head for White Friday

For some online retailers, Black Friday is too conventional. So they’ve named their festive sales White Friday. This year, prominent online retailer and Amazon partner Souq.com is running White Friday sales from Wednesday November 22nd to Saturday November 25th2. With up to 70% off on popular items, White Friday is the ideal time to stock up the gift cupboard and treat yourself.

Stay tuned for the Dubai Shopping Festival

If you’ve left your festive travels and shopping a bit late, fear not. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival kicks off its 2018 edition on December 26th 2017, and runs all the way till January 27th in the new year3. It’s a most festive time, with major brands stepping up their discounts and sales to clear their shelves of stock. There are some exceptional deals to be had, so browse around. DSF is so popular that people from across the MENA region, and even South East Asia, time their Dubai trips with the festival to pick up bargains.

Don’t leave it till the last minute

Generally, the more time you have to browse and compare prices, the better deal you’ll get even if the sales are on. It’s best to not leave your festive shopping till the last minute – because stocks get low and retailers get less flexible on the discounts they can offer. Leave yourself plenty of time, and you’ll find exceptional bang for your buck.

Make a list, check it twice

Sales are not an excuse to spend more. Just because you’re surrounded by discounts doesn’t necessarily mean doubling your shopping list is a good idea. The key to scoring great bargains during the holiday season is structure and planning. Make a list in advance, and stick to it. Then compare prices for every item on the list, and choose the best deal. Just walking into a big sale might result in you making heaps of impulse purchases that will blow your budget – and do away with any financial benefits discounts could offer. Stay merry, but stay focused.

So there you have it. We hope our handy guide to making the most of holiday deals will give you that extra edge in your holiday shopping and not leave you feeling blue when the bills come in. Happy holidays in advance!



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