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Letter to santa

Letter to Santa

December 24th, 2019

Dear Santa,

It is Christmas, the time for families to be together in love and celebration. But this year, my father will not be joining us for the holidays. He is far away working in another country. Yesterday during our video call he told us that he would be spending Christmas alone. A part of me was very disappointed to hear this, and I ended our call without wishing him Good Night. However, I regretted it later and quickly sent Dad a message saying I was sorry. His immediate reply reassured me when he said he understood my feelings.

Last night I was awake thinking about Dad’s decision to move to another country so that he could earn more money for our comfortable lives. Dad lived alone without the warmth and love of family that he was so used to coming back home to. I tried to put myself in his position and imagined how he must be feeling returning to an empty house each evening, eating his food alone, with nobody to share the highlights of his day. But he took that hard decision with only one thought in his mind – to give a better life and a better future to his family. And I understood how big a sacrifice it must have been for him as nobody lets go of their family out of choice. It must have been a tough decision, but he took it selflessly.

Today, I have a comfortable home to live in and study in a reputed school. I didn’t have to think twice before enrolling in the expensive city soccer team, or while asking for pocket money to have fun with my friends. It is Dad’s hard work and sacrifices that made it possible for me to go for an overseas study tour earlier this year.

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I have always been aware of where the money comes from to fulfil my dreams and wishes? And I know it is only because of Dad’s sacrifice that we enjoy a life of privileges and comfort. This realisation has multiplied my respect for Dad many times over. I am blessed to have a father like him, and I wish that one day I can serve him for everything that he has done for us.

Mom often reminds me that we can make his life easier by not sulking about his absence and being thankful during the season of giving. While having him home for Christmas would have been great, I understand that we will have many other moments to spend time with each other.

Dear Santa, you are a do-gooder who fulfils each child’s wishes. This Christmas, please tell my Dad to take it easy and try to be a part of the festive cheer. He is an emotional man who will surely miss his family dearly. Please gift him happiness and joy with his new friends and colleagues this holiday season.

All I truly want for Christmas is for my Dad to be happy, healthy and hearty as he works hard to make our dreams come true.

Yours lovingly,