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Lessons From The Football Pitch That Can Transform Businesses

November 22nd, 2019

Football evokes passion among people from all across the globe. Whether fans are watching at home or in a packed stadium, the frenzy around football is unmatched. The zeal for football is not just limited to the UK or Europe; it has made its way to Africa, Japan, the US, Middle Eastern countries and many commonwealth countries too.

While quite a few countries have dedicated football leagues that enjoy a global following, the Premier League (PL) is arguably the most followed and most-watched football league in the world. Word has it, that many players claim that the PL is the most exciting and competitive league, and with good reason.

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Leicester City Football Club (LCFC), one of the 20 clubs in the Premier League, has had an excellent start to the current season. The club has been growing from strength to strength and challenging some of the best teams in the league. Backed by its stellar performances so far, LCFC is well on its way for a top 6 finish this season; with the club currently occupying 2nd position in the points table. If the team’s current form is anything to go by, it may be able to repeat its glorious victory of 2015-16 and take home the Premier League trophy.

So what is the mantra behind LCFC’s flourishing performance during the 2019/20 season? How is the team delivering consistent results at every match? Can their formula for success on the football field be replicated in the world of business too?

We believe there are a few valuable lessons that businesses, across industries, can pick up from LCFC’s strategy on the football field. From building a strong team to making agility a part of the team’s DNA to having the right strategy and vision, some of LCFC’s qualities can surely help you drive your business to the next phase of growth. Let’s look at a few:-

Laying a strong foundation

A strong foundation is undeniably a critical prerequisite for sustainable success. If you want to build something great with potential for growth, it has to stand on firm ground. Talking about LCFC, the team’s excellent form is a result of the management’s focus towards building a firm foundation. A rock-solid foundation is critical for businesses as it helps in creating a roadmap and in understanding the big picture while developing a winning mindset. Incorporation, marketing, finance, technology, operations, insurance, and legal are vital aspects that must be focused on, to create a strong foundation for a business.

Building an invincible team

A football team is only as strong as its players, and the same theory applies to business as well. Without the right people, a business cannot achieve its goals. However, getting great team members on board is only half the battle won; the other half is nurturing them to become the best versions of them. LCFC is committed to investing in its players to help the team perform better than the previous match. The club regularly engages with its squad and keeps an open line of communication. It also creates a favourable environment for collaboration, trust, and growth. Taking a cue from LCFC, businesses need to imbibe these qualities to succeed. When a business attracts the right talent, fosters personal and professional growth, creates a cohesive work environment, promotes healthy communication, encourages strong bonds within teams, and motivates employees by giving equal opportunities to everyone, it thrives.

Creating a robust strategy

A solid strategy is the driving force behind successful growth, whether it is on the football field or inside a corporate boardroom. Strategy is what defines the nature, direction, and core value of an organisation. LCFC’s success doesn’t depend solely on how players perform on the field. Strategic thinking -both on-field and off it – truly determines the team’s success. Businesses that hope to ace today’s competitive scenario need a solid game plan – pun intended. A robust strategy can help an organisation evaluate where it stands today, define what it wants to achieve, and determine how to get there.

Driving agility across the board

With dynamic and heightened customer expectations, agility has become a must-have quality for organisations across sectors. Agility is the ability to respond and adapt to change. Whether it is coping with injuries, player transfers, or the addition of new team members, LCFC has learned to deal with changes and pursue excellence. The team has a powerful coping mechanism that helps them navigate through the roadblocks. In the volatile markets of today, businesses need to drive agility. Whether it is new technology, evolving customer needs, or market dynamics, businesses need to be flexible and agile to respond and adapt to change. Being able to think on one’s feet and react appropriately can give businesses a winning edge and help them rise above the competition.

Having a clear vision

LCFC has a clear vision of what it intends to achieve viz. securing a European place finish this season. Backed by strong leadership and clear objectives, they are well on their way to realise their goals. Steering a business towards growth, calls for focus to tread in the right direction. A strong leader at the helm, with clearly defined business goals, can inspire his/her workforce to put in their best. Clear vision can help businesses overcome challenges, beat all odds, determine their purpose and succeed.

The message is clear. No matter what business you are in, embracing LCFC’s qualities and shooting straight for the goal is the way to go!