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International Valentine's Day

International Valentine’s Day

February 13th, 2020

Valentine’s Day: Love, say it as much as you show it

 “First she is my friend, which is very important and then my wife…..I cherish the friendship that led to marriage” – Wilfred Ndidi.

Such a simple yet romantic statement to make about your partner. It has the same endearing charm felt through Shakespeare’s acclaimed works from centuries ago. It is also statements like these that make you rethink about how we express love today.

A thoughtful gift, a pampering experience, maybe even a luxurious couple’s activity, while these are the prominent ideas that do the rounds, many a time we forget the power of using words to communicate. In a day’s time, you will be surrounded by heart-shaped balloons, red roses, cards worded with ‘I Love You’. As the world gets ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day, people across the globe tend to enthusiastically plan special experiences and unique gifts. But is that sufficient by itself?

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As an expat, love can be difficult to express when you have geographical boundaries and varying time zones to battle with on a daily basis. Daily routines and physical exhaustion can easily leave you with no time to spare for a thoughtful chat with your loved one. While your loved one may be your source of strength and motivation to lead the expat life in hopes of a better tomorrow, you may find yourself conflicted over whether you should invest more time in making the most of opportunities in a foreign land or instead use it to nurture your long-distance relationship. It is a known fact – a long-distance relationship can present challenges, which then makes you wonder are special days like Valentine’s Day more important for expats? However, for this question to be answered, it needs to be rephrased. Is it important to articulate what you value about your relationship on days like Valentine’s day? The answer is, yes. Expat love can take on various forms but it takes communication to maintain a strong bond. In a world, where most things are expressed and experienced online, your decision to voice your feelings may very well be the defining point of your relationship. Simply put, whether you are in search of ideas for unforgettable Valentine’s Day gifts or living the single expat life on Valentine’s day, taking a cue from what Ndidi says can go a long way in deepening your relationship.

In fact, you may browse through articles on an international Valentine’s day guide or events for expats on valentine’s day to plan out a special experience but the only way to perfect it would be by using words to let your partner know what they mean to you and why your relationship is special.

Need a few tips to word your feelings?

  • Start by letting your partner know that you love them and elaborate further by mentioning what you love about them. This could include their traits, mannerism, gesture, or even include appreciation for their support.
  • Let them know what you love/appreciate the most about the years you’ve been together.
  • Thank your partner for being a part of your life and let them know what you are looking forward to in the near future.
  • If you have any promises you want to make, seal the deal with a heart-warming promise.

Finally, bear in mind, you don’t have to be in the same city to make valentine’s day special, even as an expat love can be communicated and nurtured. All it takes, is attempting to do something that isn’t expected, and that could be in the form of a lavish experience as well as loving words.