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Interesting Easter Traditions From Around The World

April 14th, 2017

Easter Traditions From Around the World

Easter is around the corner, and with it come trails of Easter eggs, pastels and family get-togethers. While known for its religious significance, Easter is a joyous occasion involving Easter bunnies, fun, games, and time with loved ones. People and communities around the world celebrate the festival in their own unique way. Below are some interesting traditional ways of celebrating the Easter holiday.

Easter Traditions in Germany


The Easter holiday in Germany is a sight to remember. Colourful Easter eggs are hung on trees and pyrotechnic fire wheels are rolled down the hillside, creating an explosion of colours for passers-by. This way of decorating trees with eggs is a part of the traditional Annual Easter egg hunts. While some families get together to hand paint eggs with intricate patterns, the rest hide coloured eggs around the house and garden to amuse their kids.


Contrary to the usual way of celebrating Easter, Norwegians kick start Easter celebrations by reading mystery books or by watching televised crime detective and thriller series on national television: a tradition popularly called Paaskekrim or Easter-Crime1. In order to cash in on this, most TV, radio channels and even publishers churn out series that are based on crime and mysteries. Families escape from their routines; camp up on the mountains or enjoy family activities in ski cabins.

Easter Traditions in Norway


People in certain parts of Europe bring in Easter with the Bonfire Tradition. Large bonfires are lit up as a way of bringing communities together, in the present times. But, this age-old tradition symbolizes the coming of spring and was believed to banish the evil spirits of winter. Some believe that this is a common Saxon Tale signifying a time when spring becomes victorious over winter and the fire is used to chase the darkness of winter2.


One of the most interesting traditions is the way the Bermudians celebrate Easter3. The community gathers to fly home-made kites; enjoying eating their favourite codfish cakes, and hot cross buns. The tradition came in place when a local teacher found it hard to describe Jesus’s ascension to heaven. To explain this, he made kites shaped in the form of the cross. Today, the tradition has evolved, where people make colourful kites and decorate them with long tails and strings.

So there you have it. Easter might be a time for friends, family and reflection, but it’s also a joyous occasion that many countries have given their own unique spin to. Happy Easter!



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